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Crew 2.0 looks really bad people don’t realize how much more grindy in both credits and time training crew, because they think that 6th sense for free justifies ruining the games economic/progression balance.

This "new system" is very similar to the console crew system update that ruined said version of world of tanks, this system retroactively makes your already trained crews less effective by removing skills you had and capping out your max skill points to 75 points.

if you have a 4 skill plus crew its xp will be converted and it will award you with about 75 points these points can be spent on skills said skills give less bonuses and they themselves also have a skill cap forcing you to mix and match a bunch of garbage you did not want on your tank.

Any zero skill commander will turn into a manager said manager will give a very minimal performance boost and it will give a crew xp bonus just for being assigned to a tank.

If you had any 4+ skill crews their performance will drop because of the 75 skill point limit and you will not be able to go past level 75 to get other skills all your skills will be unattainable and you will be forced to reset them for gold IF you want to keep the xp.

The amount of xp required to get to level 75 is even greater than ever before and the efficiency of crew books is also reduced due to the higher xp cap.

Having sixth sense trained for all of your tanks? well guess what NOW everyone gets sixth sense so the skill you worked on training is effectively deleted and that xp progress goes towards the level cap of 75 after 75 you do not get anything worth a while other than a stupid medal and a percentage of a percentage bonus to mobility ie 0.10 traverse speed every couple millions of xp yes MILLIONS

But sixth sense should be a skill by default

yeah but do we really have to make the rest of the game grindy and take away everyone elses progress and skills to have a shitty 75 level perk cap before IF you wanted to level cap your tank and have a insane 8+ skill crew you could and any extra xp would just be left on reserve and you could retrain your crew for free and it would take from that xp pool and make them 100% with out having to spend a additional credit or gold.

Have 350+ tanks all with their 4+ skill crews because you are a dedicated player, a casual player, a streamer, a youtuber or someone who is active in clanwars?

Well too bad a majority of those crews are now useless, Wargaming has effectively made it so that you can have said crew remember up to 3 tanks while this is a good thing you gotta remember a few things reaching level 75 will be much more grind y than getting a 4 skill crew 3 times in a row you will also lose on tank performance since you cannot have every skill in the game anymore, Additionally IF you have all these crews that can now remember and swap to up to 3 tanks then the vast majority of the crews you have are here by useless to you.

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Yes two thirds of your crew will not be completely useless to you and all that XP will just be deleted since there is no need for having a single crew for a single tank anymore what else can you do if not let them rot in the barracks or dismiss them.

Barracks are gonna be gone so if you have more crew than you do tank slots you will be forced to delete allot of crew IF you decided to store crew with bunk barracks slots, you will be given shitty crew retraining consumables for your permanent slots AND if you do not have enough garage slots (Dormitories) by the time the conversion happens you will have to start deleting all of your crew (commanders) that do not have a dormitory.

here is another crews will be able to remember up to 3 tanks lets look at this from the perspective of world of tanks most common player the Free to Play player

From tier 1 to tier 3 your crew will be able to remember said tanks problem is that said crew will NEVER actually reach the 15 in xp to be able to remember how to play the tier 1 tank and the tier 2 tank unless you pay gold to to unlock the slot your best bet is simply to start over from scratch and forget about the tier 1 tank.

The same is true for the tier 2 3 4 5 tanks you will constantly be retraining your crews and unless you pay gold to get slots to actually remember said tanks you will waste allot of credits and xp if you simply ignore paying to remember.

what a waste really inefficient to do this well what ever now you got to tier 5 here you can actually spend enough time in the game to get to the first slot at tier 6, NO you don't you ground out your tier 6 and now you can either again pay gold or just transfer the crew over and retrain the crew since you only have 1 slot for being under level 15.

Too bad you can reset for 500,000 credits to send your level 8 crew and lose 10% of its skills or you can just start a fresh crew for the tier 6 and keep your current crew on the tier 5 you are probably gonna have to sell to afford the new tank.

Not to mention that after tier 5 class 2 modules cost 300k, now you have to choose between paying gold to keep your progression or just reseting for a ludicrous amount of silver while loosing allot of crew xp progression.

Let me put into perspective how much 500,000 credits is compared to the current crew reset mechanic

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In the new system retraining a crew is 500,000 Credits you then lose 10% of the skill xp and IF you want to reset the skills this will cost you a additional 500,000 credits and a extra 10% loss to your crew skills.

In contrast the current system let say you have a tank with 6 crew members each crew member costs 20,000 credits per crew member to train them to a new tank you will effectively spend 120,000 credits any xp not selected from skills will be used to put the crew member from 90% to 100% while keeping your skill load out at a 10% crew xp loss.

The amount of credits needed to transfer crews that do not have level 15 is astronomically high

a free to play player will have to spend allot of time grinding the crew to tier 15 when they were already done with the next tanks research if they don't want to dismiss the old crew for a new one


They will have to spend allot of credits and time grinding said credits just to pay the 500,000 credit cost to retrain their current crew to the next tier if they themselves aren't at level 15

Wargamings paid option of 750 gold for one tank slot and 1500 gold for the second slot makes it so that the payer does NOT have to pay the 500,000 credits per crew retraining.

This effect affects both low tier and higher tier vehicles and now that xp is more directly tied to levels and each level is tied to skill points reseting for silver will in effect bankrupt the player if the next tank in the line does not benefit from the current skill point load out.

This is the part were WG introduces their new consumables that offer free skill reseting these will at first seem plentiful just like demounting kits did at first but once they trade in your permanent barrack slots for these usable consumables you will eventually run out of them and the only option you will be left with is spending 500,000 credits.

a established player will have to manually do said reset and select new skills losing out on his progression and not every tank in the game can benefit from the same crew skills.

Training new crews will be a much more grindy thing thing to do and the effect it will have on tank performance will be reduced that unless you pay for progression and there are quite the few things they have done.

old 0 skill crews will be turned into instructors said instructors you paid for from marathon tanks special even tanks like the Sabaton crew will no longer give you a 0 skill crew they are doing away with crew, the way instructors work now is they give you a crew xp bonus for having them in your tank wetter or not instructors are stuck in the tank you assign them to is yet to be revealed but if each instructor gives a xp bonus what makes you think that the total xp to progress wont be increased.

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each instructor gives small pre selected bonuses and it really gives the same vibe that the rubicon update did (certain emblems camo and customization elements gave extra tank bonuses)

These instructors cannot be attained in the same amount as a paid payer so the game will become more pay to win.

already a established payer want to perform better but don't have enough instructors? well too bad those who paid will now have better performing crews than you since your crews that you trained all the skills for will have said skills taken from them and the tanks performance will be dictated by a arbitrary 75 skill cap and its impossible to get all the skills in the game like you achieved in the past.

Any Extra xp from your crew skills goes towards a shitty medal you can equip and a very minor mobility performance boost for millions of xp.


Training crew/retraining crew is now 500,000 and the xp required to reach level 75 is much higher it is also impossible to have all the skills trained and any crew with 4+ skills crews will lose the ability to have the same performance as before, instructors are Pay to Win and new consumables are being added

Wot console and World of Warships had their crews changed and it only benefits wargamings pocket since its grindier and fucks over people who already spent time in the game along with future newer players


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