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Crew 2.0 Personal Review – General Discussion

Hey. I've spend last 2 hours on Sandbox figuring out how the system works. I've watched WG official video that is supposed to explain it but it wasn't much help – you have to take time on Sandbox to figure it out yourself. I think I understand it and I finished my time there.

To not waste your time, personally I think the overall system is garbage, the execusion is bad and all of this is stupidly unnecessary.

For people that are intrested on a detailed argument, I'll share what I personally think is wrong in points below:

  1. There is no BiA

Anyone that has played WoT for longer knows that BiA is the most important perk for every tank in the game. It is a straight up boost to your tank. It increases DPM, Accuracy and View Range. All of these characterists are dedicing how effective your tank is at fighting, which is core factor of this game. BiA is removed and there is no replacement for it so this is basically a nerf to all tanks in this game.

  1. The update looks like it fixes original system problems, but it doesn't.

If you take time to read all skills characteristics, you'll notice how worthless majority of them are, especially if you are a better player and you know what actually matters in game. I won't go into examples because I can't be bothered. In original system there is only few skills that need reworking, in this system majority of them are worthless. They only made it sound complicated. All the usefull orginal perks are there (besides BiA) but besides them, it's just a huge mess. Some situational shit that you won't notice because of RNG.

  1. The skills are too specific, you won't use majority of them
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Why is that a problem you ask? Because realistically you have up to 30-40 points, you can only really upgrade up to 4 characterists. Count in repairs, view range boost and reduced dispersion on move by 4% or something… you have what? Fucking 10 points??? The fuck am I supposed to do with that? You will notice difference only if you use all 75 skill points. And you'll get 75 skill points if you orginally have 6-8 perks, which is fucking alot. Only my god damn EBR 105 crew has it, which has fucking 2 500 battles combined (105 and 75 FL10)

  1. Crew Instructructors are worthless and what they provide is meaningless

I've read what they provide, all of it sounds so useless I got tired from trying to figure out what will be the most usefull.

  1. There is clearly something wrong with the damage RNG reducement perk.

The skill that reduces damage RNG by 5% breaks the RNG. In one battle I did 4 clean rolls for 900 damage in my T110E4 and then when I tried same in Obj.268v4 I did 5×520 alpha rolls in a battle. Shit like this never happened once in 30 000 battles I played and I have unhealthy obsession with damage rolls.

  1. You will spend unhealthy amount of time redoing your crews if this update comes online. It took me 2 hours to crew 3 tanks. You have to do WAY too much thinking if you want to maximize your performance.
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That's all. I am tired. Feel free to add more issues that I haven't mentioned in the comments

Just WG pls cancel these fucking changes and let me play the game, there are some actual problems that need to be fixed, not this fucking Crew shit. Go make a new premium tank, don't stress us with this shit.


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