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E 50 vs Obj 430

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I've heard so many people talk about how the Obj 430 and 430U are such great medium tanks for their tiers so I started grinding up the Soviet medium line alongside the German medium line. I'm currently sitting on the T-44 with 60K XP fully upgraded my E 50 a few days ago. When I got the upgraded turret on the E 50, I already felt like it was a pretty great tank. Who would have guessed giving the Panther 2 good DPM would be enough to make it playable? The engine and the tracks made it even better and with the 105, it feels like an absolute beast now. Since maxing it, I'm sitting on a solid 63% WR where most of the tanks I play sit at a range between 52%-55% and I have almost no complaints about the tank so far.

When compared to the 430, the E 50 has equivalent alpha, better DPM, and while the standard rounds have less pen, gold is equivalent on both. Where the guns differ greatly is in gun handling with the E 50 being able to reliably snipe tanks in the open on the move which doesn't seem to be the case at all for the 430 based on what I've seen. 8 degrees of depression vs 5 degrees is a significant upgrade. More reliable hull armor makes it feasible to sidescrape in the E 50 and due to the better dispersion values of 0.30 vs an abyssmal 0.42, makes the overall armor arguably more reliable, despite a soft turret face, due to the distances often involved when engaging from the second line/back line with such an accurate gun. The 430 does have significantly better traverse speed and terrain resistance values so it does definitely have the E 50 beat in terms of mobility, but so far I have not personally felt like the E 50 is a considerably immobile tank.

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So far, the E 50 had been the best tank I've played so far in the game. Is the E 50 just severely underrated or is the 430 actually better than the E 50 despite how great the E 50 seems to be? The dispersion values alone make me feel like the E 50 is the overall better tank and when compared with 400m of view range, I just can't see the 430 being more flexible than the E 50 unless I am missing something. Also 1500 m/s APCR is amazing for sniping wheelies.


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