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E75 TS Review

Aight so since the event has started a lot of y’all probably have wondered if the tank itself is even good, since this tank was pretty rare and has only been sold once or twice after release. Also, it’s kinda ugly, and definitely not very appealing. Since I got the tank yesterday, I figured I might as well write a review of the tank so you can see for yourself whether the tank is worth grinding for or not.


First, let’s review the gun:

  • 10 degrees of gun depression (a rare find on a German heavy) allows you to work ridges surprisingly well
  • Amazing DPM with a 105mm gun (4th at the tier only to the two Caernarvons and the Sherriff) means that you have a very decent alpha punch (310) along with a quick reload that lets you shoot your way out of situations. To put it in perspective, a Chieftain T/95 with a smaller caliber gun has less DPM than you AND less alpha. With rammer, this tank is pushing 2400 DPM.
  • Extremely accurate gun, comparable to the Lowe’s accuracy. It has slightly worse dispersion multipliers, but only by a miniscule amount.
  • The only real drawback of the gun is the slightly lower pen, since it has the second-from-top short 105mm gun of the Tiger II. However, 215mm is still great, and 265 on the premium ammo will allow you to deal with virtually anything you face.
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The second thing to talk about is the armor vs. the mobility:

  • The E75 TS has better power to weight than the Lowe and a top speed of 38, meaning that it can move and get to positions quicker than the Lowe. However, it does pay for the extra power to weight in traverse, where it has a paltry 25 deg compared to the Lowe’s 36 degs, so you can’t react to CoDs as well as the Lowe can. The higher top speed and high weight, however, turns the E75 TS into a brutal rammer that can do hundreds of HP damage to even the heavies tanks (M6 EXP, Action X, etc) with a decent ram.
  • As you can obviously tell, the biggest advantage this tank has in it’s armor layout is the side screens. They are 15mm thick, which allows them to partially absorb HE shots, unlike any other German heavy. 128mm HE on your side skirts will do less than 100 damage to you, which is a huge help when sidescraping. The side armor is also a lot thicker than the Lowe or the Tiger II, which means that you can sidescrape comfortably at larger angles without having to worry about overangling. The upper side armor is a whopping 120mm, which is very useful especially in brawling situations to bait enemies into shooting your sides. Besides working the ridgelines, this tank can also sidescrape extremely well, almost comparable to the VK100.
  • However, the armor still has weakspots, and the biggest one is the lower plate. The lower plate, unlike the tier 9 E75, is only 100mm thick, and comes to just about 180-190mm when on flat ground. This means that you will really need to hide that lower plate at all times, and it is rather large and difficult to hide. Angling will help, but even at optimal angles, most tier 8 and 9 tanks are going to punch through the lower plate.
  • The last weakspot is the turret. The TS doesn’t have a hatch weakspot, which is a blessing because legit every German heavy I can think of has a hatch weakspot. Instead, it has GINORMOUS cheeks that are 235mm thick and completely flat, which makes it an easy pen for TDs and higher pen heavies (Lowe, T34, Action X, etc. all have zero problems penning you in the cheek). The only solution is to wiggle and angle the turret slightly, and try to stick your big fat gun mantlet in your opponent’s face. Also, E-100 rules apply here: when sidescraping, turn your turret a little so that enemies can’t just load gold and pen through your cheeks.
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Overall, the E75 TS is very strong, and can carry just as much, if not more, than a Lowe or an AMX M4 49, and is much more forgiving to play than either of the previously mentioned tanks..

If you don’t have a Lowe yet or think the Lowe is too boring for you, definitely suggest either grinding the TS for free or grinding enough for a large discount, because the TS is very similar to the Lowe playstyle in many ways.

Due to the higher speed and better overall armor, as well as the more reliable turret and better gun depression, the E75 TS is an easy cop for anyone looking for a good German heavy.

Even if you can’t grind out the event, play as much as you are allowed and then buy the tank at a heavily discounted price. It’s worth the money.



E75 TS

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