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Enjoyed Coming Back, Quickly Remembering Why I Left

Content of the article: "Enjoyed Coming Back, Quickly Remembering Why I Left"

25k battles here with 1800 WN8. I'm nothing special, but I am not trash. Played this game since 2012, but pretty much bailed in 2016. With quarantine and a very empty holidays this year I decided to give it a whirl and I was pleasantly surprised with a whole lot of the changes.

  • Greatly improved UI
  • Graphics are much better
  • Reduction of grind by simplifying the trees
  • Blueprint system
  • Some unique twists on existing trees (French heavies with armor? Even more extreme Russian heavies?)
  • Lots of ways to boost account for free
  • Less one shots by arty (arguable if it's really an improvement though)
  • Buffs to HP of lots of tanks, improvements to many which were weak

But now that I have a couple of weeks back in, have gotten my friends back in, and even splurged on some premium stuff, I'm realizing that this just isn't gonna be sustainable fun.

  • Arty is still absolutely miserable. Yes it does less damage, but it hits you more and applies some pretty awful debuffs. Lower tiers have M44s with a handful of kills every round, whereas upper tiers you just get slapped around with 400-600 hits endlessly if you are slow. There is no excuse for more than 1 per side IMHO. It should merely be a way to debuff campers and finish off weak tanks, not a way to absolutely ruin any person who isn't hiding behind a mountain.
  • The current meta of glass cannon mega pen is also miserable. The power creep with pen tier 8+ is absolutely absurd and armor is practically meaningless. And after all these years fancy ammo still hasn't been rebalanced.
  • So many tanks are clearly designed to be miserable when they have no need to be. Why was my Su-101 ruined? It used to be a T-54 without a turret, now it's just a shitty WZ-120-1GFT. AMX 65T is just a T34 that is worse in every way. 1100hp engine and it moves like a slug. I know WG can be greedy, but it's just unnecessary cruelty that ruins unique tanks that have potential.
  • Mother of God 80% of matches are imbalanced routs. Either your team rolls up 15-1>15-3 or you get gangbanged in the reverse. I can see some ways in which MM is better, but like wtf is this? Clearly the team weighting is all kinds of messed up. I had a streak of 14 losses last weekend when I was grinding the Chi-Ri (which I love). I couldn't believe what was going on.
  • Removal of most premiums from the trees. There are TONS of new premiums, but almost all are unattainable and on special release cycles. So lame.
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I'm just so torn. I love a lot of the changes and appreciate the attempts to make the game less grindy and more friendly, but so many of the old miseries remain and some things seem to have managed to get worse.


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