World of Tanks (WoT)

Evidence of rigging for marks on NA. (names hidden to protect those rigging).

This time, I have censored the names of those rigging because the mods got upset. It's a load of fucking bullshit, but PM me if you want their names and I'll send you the original version.

This is a small sample size of two consecutive games played on the NA server during what is traditionally off peak times on a Tuesday evening. If you were going to rig some games, sync dropping around this time is going to be your best bet with server population between 2000-4000. This also happens to be prime asia playing time – being from Australia, I have witnessed botting at this time, I have witnessed lots of weird behaviour from players in both Tanks and Warships – usually from one country in particular.

Although it is a small sample size of 2 games (maybe there was more, I alt-f4'd in frustration after these 2) the numbers simply don't add up.

  • T57 player has 1 mark, and is farming the same enemy platoon two games in a row, presumably for marks.

  • the enemy platoon who are being farmed are well above average. The player in the Object 140 for instance, has 54% overall with 60% win rate in that tank. And you expect me to believe he did 0 damage and 637 damage in two games, while coincidentally running into the same t57 at 'weird' places on the map.

  • The player in the 113 has over 500 games in that tank, and averages more than 2k damage. There is no way I believe he did 0 damage two games in a row, during an encounter with the same t57.

  • The second game pictured was on Fisherman's bay. The T57 from southern spawn went to the water's edge where it could meet the 3 members of this platoon and farm them over the inlet gap in the town, largely uninterrupted. Quite smart when you think about it.


I wasn't sure if I should add this, but the player in the t57 and their platoon have chinese user names. I play from Australia and see lots of chinese players at this time due to the time zones. It makes sense, because this is not rigging in chinese culture, it is simply using the methods available to get an advantage, so is not viewed as cheating or immoral. Kind of like systematic drug doping isn't illegal in Russia, it's just "tuesday's visit to the doctor".

I know they are chinese, because I message them, and they are usually in clans that have china or chinese references in the name. I am a detective.

The players in the platoon being farmed did not seem to be chinese, only one was in a clan and I'm sure their clan boss would likely be pissed off about it.


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