World of Tanks (WoT)

Finally got my first of one of the rarest medals in the game, and it wasn’t easy-

Both a Fadin's and Pool's medal.

It was Sand River, I took my Rover at the start to the upper-middle sand dunes and spotted a few tanks in the east base, taking some hit points off of a T1 and T78 before the Crom-B spotted me; it was just me and a M4, (real shout out to him btw, he did his best to hold off most of the tanks at the end when they all started to swarm), on that side of the map while everyone else was either in base, stopped in the middle canyon or running around in the south dunes getting lit up.

Truthfully I might've been there longer than I should've, getting spotted by the Crom over and over as he was peaking and me running around like a chicken, but after taking out a flanking M7 and a T1 that pushed the middle cliff I rushed back to base as the duo Absolution platoon on the enemy team started pushing past the middle to where you can shoot them from spawn; and staying out of sight range I kept putting prammo into their mantlets and roof (cause cmon, it's Absolutions), not all went through at that distance but I was able to take out the second after the rest of the team took out the first before most of them went down.

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I then finished off a Flak Bus and was about to take out a BUGI when suddenly it was base defense time, with a ELC AMX and the Crom-B pushing the base from the north and taking out the arty, with just the M4 left who retreated from earlier; the ELC was only able to shoot the arty before exploding, while the Crom focused all it's fire on the poor M4 before both of our fire blew him up.

And that's when it was just me and him vs 6; after a quick kill on a separate BUGI that went unspotted I booked it out and went back to the middle dunes while the M4 stayed in base, trying to set up a crossfire incase they all swarmed..which they did, tho at this point I noticed my ammo was starting to get low so that's when I had to focus, shooting abit of HE at another BUGI to weaken him (didn't really work as much as I'd hope) as the M4 finished off the Ram; to where the T34-88 pushed with almost all of his health as the BUGI hid in the dip with no health left.

But with some careful shooting, I hit nearly every shot on the 88 as he rushed the M4, with only the first one missing and taking out the other BUGI with another as he broke the dip…but that's when the 88 finished the M4 off unfortunately..before my next 4 shots got it's revenge.


2 APCR, 6 HE; T78 on half health who was capping and still a Grille left. So I then just yoloed into the cap, one APCR hitting the tracks and the last leaving him on 255; after which I stayed behind him shooting 3 HE into the weak bum and taking my only hit of damage in the whole game.

3 left, with the Grille firing and nearly hitting me on the move as he shot from the bottom dunes and that's when I went searching, trying my best to guess where he was as I went over the crest of one…as he sat over another looking right at me; brown alert going off full scale as he fired!…but missed again.

And at that point I got behind him, shot one HE into his side to see how much it'd do, admittedly shot the next in the air so I only had one left, and slapped that final round right into that flabby pig.

And I did it. First ever Fadin's medal after one time almost blowing it with a miss in a E25 before a T29 saved me, and the other where I almost got a Minuteman in a T-50-2 before arty 'saved' me by killing him first lol; but I'd say this was more well earned since it had 2 of the most broken Tier 6's on the other team + having it on top of a Pool's medal, even if the Rover is arguably slightly OP itself.

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Sorry if it's a long post, just wanted to make sure I followed PBRS rule etiquette haha.


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