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No, I'm not talking about smashers or M4 54s, or any of the balancing problems, I'm literally talking about the game itself.

This update has really hurt the stability of the game, I don't know what they added but the game is so unstable now and it really hurts the experience.

I play on a huge variety of devices, so I am sure it's not just my device, and my ping is usually fine, I know when I have a ping spike and it's not just that for this update.

Here are my device-specific examples of how 7.2 has hurt the stability of the game

iPhone 6

Settings: Low, but no ultra low settings

Before 7.2 the game ran fine, I would load in before the timer every game. After 7.2 I rarely load in before the game starts and I usually start a second or two late. Other than the slower load times, not much else I have noted that is specific to this device. I don't play on it much though, so that might also be a factor.

iPad Pro 1st generation

Settings: High

This is the most stable device the game runs on. However there are still issues that arose after 7.2. I had 1-2 battles where the game just crashed on me at the end of the battle.

The second, much more annoying issue that I had in a handful of battles and a reason why I don't play on mobile as of now anymore is I would load in, and the touch screen calibration would be completely messed up. The joystick would be completely messed up and I couldn't do much other than drive around in circles. Also while this was happening the Timer would stay on a number or the BATTLE text would still be present even though the game started. It wasn't ping because 1. I could see the rest of my team moving around fine and 2. when i restarted the game it was fixed. Because of this, I am effectively 1 minute late to every battle when this strikes and while it's not every game it is a memorable amount of them.

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Laptop Lenovo Y700, and also a desktop PC with an i5 and 960 (both have same issues so together)

Settings: High

Ok, so for PC wotb the game is already unstable. Before update 7.2 I already loaded in like 5 seconds late to every match and the game tended to freeze up for a second when enemies are spotted or I got shot.

After 7.2 the crash tendencies have dropped to warframe-buggy levels. I have had multiple games where if someone unspotted shoots me and gets spotted it just completely crashes my game. Spotting already slowed my game and getting shot also drops my frames but it seems after 7.2 those two combined completely crashed me and I've NEVER crashed on PC before.

My FPS would randomly plummet for no reason at all. This is super common now, sometimes the frames just drops completely almost to unplayable levels where it looks like im playing a game through a powerpoint presentation.

This stuff has never happened before and never so noticably bad right after an update. The game is so unstable now, I just want to let you guys know that I am experiencing these things and its not just your device. I play on a crap phone, a powerful tablet and computer and its the same across the board.


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