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Fourth Equipment Slot: Enhanced Target Info

Question for the hive mind: are there any tanks on which you dismount the Enhanced Target Info equipment in order to run something else?

It occurred to me, after writing these tech tree reviews, that when discussing equipment options, I did not touch on the Enhanced Target Info. Certainly with bushwankers like the Soviet TD line, it makes sense to keep it, since the enemy tank outline helps tremendously with your concealed sniping. I keep it on all my tanks and haven't felt the need to swap that equipment for something else.

But this got me thinking back to the pre-6.0 release hype. This is going off my own memory from one of the Twitch info streams before the release, so you'll have to excuse any errors or generalizations, but when Jeff Gregg introduced the fourth equipment slot, I was intrigued. As I recall it, when first talking about this equipment, he went on a fairly long digression about WoT and the community, specifically saying how cool it was that there were so many passionate gamers that have put in a lot of time to create things like third party resources (, or the Armor Inspector app for your phone). You can see tank stats and compare them, and you can look at 3D armor models and look at penetration chances at various angles with various enemy guns. Super cool, right? And what about if, instead of relying on third party websites, we could bring some of that information in-game, right on the console? I was a little skeptical but also interested to see how this could be implemented.

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Ok, here comes the rant. Not only did we not get any in-garage improvements to the armor models — still can't look at penetration chances with a certain gun, for example — the in-game update is objectively worse than pre-6.0. Module icons and (particularly) crew icons are difficult to decipher, and, unlike the old Eagle Eye, it is displayed in an inconvenient location. We didn't get a 3D armor model, and the 2D tank outline we got IS NOT EVEN AN OUTLINE OF THE TANK YOU ARE TARGETING. Your own tank outline does not match the tank you are driving, which is information they actually removed from the pre-6.0 incarnation!

The WoT community is, in fact, awesome. I'm not a great player, but I like looking at my advanced stats, and sites like and are very useful to me. The console in-game stats tab post-6.0? Of course they removed filters, so you want to look at how you are playing your Russian mediums? Ha ha ha, good luck. What's my current MOE% on a given tank? Removed. The only possible reason I can think to have done this is to avoid confusion if you haven't played a tank in a while, and the expected values have changed, so your MOE% jumps after a battle. Even then, removal is totally unjustified — people who actually care about this stuff know it already, or can find an explanation with Google. Literally thousands of people watch Skill4ltu every day while he plays tanks to 100% MOE, just to see that little number tick up slowly. People are passionate about this stuff, it helps turn new players into competitive (paying) players, and rather than encourage it, WG decides to simply take it away. This is without even discussing things like the PC mods that allow in-game MOE%, post-match shot inspection, or other features.

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For me, these issues were not the worst things about 6.0, but they are the most inexplicable. Taking some pre-existing functionality and just breaking it, for no reason.


So yeah, anybody use the fourth slot for something else?


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