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Gotta love those tiny details! #11

Part 1 (Battle Pass season 5 3D styles)

Part 2 (Styles for German tech tree tier X tanks part 1)

Part 3 (Styles for German tech tree tier X tanks part 2)

Part 4 (Styles for Russian tech tree tier X tanks part 1)

Part 5 (Styles for Russian tech tree tier X tanks part 2)

Part 6 (Styles for American tech tree tier X tanks part 1 + Object 705A)

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Part 9 (Styles for French tech tree tier X tanks part 2)

Part 10 (Styles for British tech tree tier X tanks)

There are only 2 Chinese styles, one of them is focused on the Arctic exploration, so there aren't too many details. Because of that this post may be a little shorter than the previous ones, still the WZ is worth looking at.

Icebreaker – 121

Two ammo boxes – the first one is a Bofors 40 mm ammo box, we've seen this one on the Patton. I don't know why it's here, it doesn't fit the theme of this Battle Pass Season and there's no Bofors gun on any of the 3 styles given back then. It still may be argued that it's at least semi-historical, as the Republic of China used Bofors guns (for example on the Duster) and the distinction between the two nations in World of Tanks comes down to the emblems, so when looking at the Chinese tank tree in WoT, it may be said that the Bofors guns were used by the same country that designed the 121.

On the right there's a Russian wooden box for 7,62 mm ammo, we know this one well as it was very common. This particular example has Chinese writing on it.

The first detail here is worth noting – it's a vintage blowtorch. The crew probably took it to melt the ice from the tracks, guns and wherever else it may be needed. To the right there's a helmet that's rather hard to identify, because the quality is low and the Chinese army used various types of helmets. I'd say that it may be a GK80 one, it's also possible that it was supposed to represent the American M1, but I think that the lower part of the helmet looks different. I'll talk about the M1 later, when we get to the WZ.

A little change from the base tank model, as the machine gun is already there. It's a Russian DShKM, modified version of the original DShK. There was a Chinese copy of that machine gun, called the Type 54, but the one on the 121 has cooling ribs on the barrel, so it's original (at least on the base model of the tank).

The Last Dragon – WZ-111 5A

This style was described in the post on the official site, so that helped me with some things, but still there were mistakes and details that needed longer explanation.

This one was correctly described as the Chinese copy of the Russian TPO-50M heavy flamethrower. In reality it was tested on the Type 58 tank, but the boxes contained 6 of them each, not 4 like it's shown here. It wasn't a successful design, as the tanks were vulnerable, so maybe it was a good idea to at least reduce the height.


That's a laser rangefinder, no model was given, even in the sources, the only name mentioned them is the TLRLA, which is probably a later model. Nonetheless I found a similar rangefinder on this Type 69 tank:

So WG described the helmets here as the American M1s. I'm not sure about that, but it's a good moment to answer the question – what would the American helmets do in the Chinese army?

The history of the Chinese military in the 20th century is rather complicated. During the Chinese Civil War between the NRA (National Revolutionary Army) and the PLA (People's Liberation Army) there were many different types of equipment used. The NRA was supported by Russia at the beginning, then by Germany and other European countries, so at this point they mainly used the German equipment. When the war with Japan started, both armies agreed to stop fighting between themselves and unify against the new enemy. The German help stopped in 1941, but the Chinese army was supplied by the new allies – that's when the American equipment (so the M1 helmets too) was added to the mix. After the WW2 ended, the conflict between the Chinese factions resumed, this time the PLA was supplied by Russia, and after they won they captured various gear from the PLA. That meant that at that point one army had pieces of German, Russian, Japanese, American and British equipment and probability of encountering different types of them mixed together was rather high. I think that's why it was possible for the American helmets to be present on the PLA's tank.

Here's a pic of two Chinese soldiers, one of them with an M1 helmet.

Another crate, literally the same type as the previous one, but I just wanted to point out that they weren't to lazy with ctrl+c and ctrl+v, as the crate is different. The writing is still Chinese, but this one has this orange warning sign on the right.

This radio was not mentioned in the description, but I guess that's a Type 884 VHF FM backpack transceiver from the early '70s. The model is rather simple (no one is going to look for things like that, huh?), but it captures the overall shape of the details under the opened cover.

The last detail – heavy machine guns on the turret. WG said that it's the QJC-88, the tank variant of the W85, based on the DShK. Almost everything is true – the W85 was based on the DShK and the QJC-88 was a modification meant to be used on vehicles. The only mistake here is that the machine guns shown here are not the QJC-88s. Shown here are the two Type 77 12,7 mm machine guns. The confusion here may come from the fact, that the Type 77 evolved into something called Type 85 (or QJG-85), which was different than the W85, despite the similar name. W85 actually lost to the Type 85 in the trials and was not adpoted into service until the QJC-88 variant was created.


That's all about the Chinese styles. Japan will be next, but I have a problem. I've been using different mods to get screenshots of the styles, later I switched to the one modpack made by u/_Whiskas_, beacause it's simply the best one out there and it contains almost everything… Well besides some newer styles and the one I have a problem with – the style "Kaiju" for the Type 5 Heavy. I really want to talk about this style as the screenshots show that it's a detailed one, but I don't have a mod for it. As far as I remember this style wasn't even introduced yet, but it is in the files, so if anyone here knows about a mod that will make checking this style out possible, let me know.


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