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Gotta love those tiny details! #40

Today we're finishing the Polish heavy line and starting the medium one, as it's way easier to go line by line here instead of lights – mediums – heavies etc. as it was with the styles. Tanks for this post: 50TP, 60TP, DS PZInż, B.U.G.I. and CS-44.

50TP Tyszkiewicza

This tank starts something that I really like – some parts are marked, which is accurate for many prototypes (so it would be easier to build a new vehicle) and similar markings are even seen on some production tanks like the T-34s.

Some of the numbers here are barely visible and there's nothing like a date, but the first line on the front of the tank can be clearly seen – "CZĘŚĆ 1", meaning "PART 1".

A DShK machine gun, we've seen this one before, but it's worth pointing out that it's a basic variant, not a DShKM that was more popular at the time when this tank was designed.

60TP Lewandowskiego

A crate for wz. 43 7,62 ammunition – a Polish designation for the common Russian 7,62×39 mm for the AK. I couldn't find the same crate online, the markings on the right are a bit strange (that oval being lower than the text), but I don't think the designer would do something like that, so it may be a proof that a crate like that existed. The problem is that this model was created years ago, so maybe that example was already sold and disappeared from the site WG took it from… Or maybe it's somewhere out there, but it's the most common crate, containing the ammunition for probably the most common rifle in the history, so there are just so many of them, that finding the right one is very hard. Below you can see multiple Polish crates for that ammo.

A helmet that doesn't look that Russian to me, it's hard to get the right angle without the model being a little bit deformed, but it may be a legit Polish wz. 67 helmet. The wz. 50 would be more fitting for the early '50s, but it looks different. Fun fact: wz. 67 is one of the two helmets that I own (the other one being the German M34), but right now it's on the other side of the country, so I have to include a photo from the internet.

A metal box, very common on Russian tanks like the T-55s, and because of it it was also popular in Poland after the war. You can see it on the T-55 during the parade in 1969.

A snorkel, another piece of equipment common on Russian and Polish tanks. This model may be designed just for the 60TP, as the real ones (used on the medium T-55s, a completely different class of tanks) were less bulky, but also had the curved part at the end. Here's a picture of a Polish T-55 crossing a body of water with a snorkel, the box mentioned earlier is also visible.

This time it's the DShKM variant, recognizable by the shape of the muzzle device and the different shape of the receiver.

Some details on the side of the turret, a metal container and a tarp with a marking. It's not possible to see what's written here, but the fact of the marking being present here seems accurate. Pieces of equipment were usually marked as a military property.


Only one detail here (as we've seen the type C machine gun before and it's exactly the same here) – a writing " CZĘŚĆ 1 1939 N13". I have no idea what "N13" means here, 1939 is a year in which this part was manufactured and "CZĘŚĆ 1" means "PART 1" as I mentioned before. We know that this tank never existed as anything more than a project and I don't believe that any part of it would be made by the end of 1939, even if Poland wasn't attacked. In reality this project existed, but not as a separate tank, but rather as a backup plan in case of 14TP evolving further into something better and new engines and guns being made for it. Even if it was brought to life, it wouldn't be in 1939, as by September of that year the 14TP was still an incomplete prototype before any tests, so improved versions of it wouldn't be made in such a short time.


Another tank with one detail and another tank where that detail is a marking on a metal plate. This time we can clearly see words "HUTA ZYGMUNT" ("ZYGMUNT IRONWORKS"), a date 1939 and a number. Zygmunt Ironworks was a company from Bytom existing from 1857 to 2000 (before 1936 under the name Hubertushütte/Huta Hubertus (Hubertus Ironworks). It had some connections to Polish military, as it made armored domes for Polish bunkers. The domes were casted, so that company would be a good choice here.

The marking itself looks to be heavily inspired by a real one from one of the armored domes.


Another set of markings on parts 1-3. This time there's also something that looks like a date when the parts were made – "07-49". Obviously it can be something else, but it would be fitting for a prototype of a tank designed in 1944 (probably around the time the Polish People's Republic was created) to be made in 1949, after all the whole industry had to be restarted, which took a while.

In this post we've seen both the DShK and the DShKM, but the variant right here is different from them. This is the regular DShK, but it has a late model of the barrel, used on the DShKM.

And the last little detail – another marking that may not have any deeper meaning behind them, but the number "102" may very well be an easter egg, a reference to the famous T-34-85, that was given this number and a name – "Rudy".


There are only 3 tanks left in the line, so it's probably the time to think about what to do later. I think I'll include the Polish premium tanks right after the tech tree ones so the whole nation would be completed, and then I'll continue with the other nations.


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