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Gotta love those tiny details! #42

The first post about the Polish premium tanks – TKS and Rudy. I found only one thing about the TKS being worth noting, but there are more details to talk about when we get to the Polish T-34-85.

TKS z n.k.m. 20 mm

A statutory plate with the name "PZInż", similar to the one on the 7TP. This time there is no doubt – it's a historical element, included on the original TKS tankettes.

T-34-85 Rudy

Some markings can be seen here – "9.3.0" on the gun mantlet (kinda funny that it looks like a number of a patch), "622" on the commander cupola, the famous tactical number "102" and the eagle without the crown, used on the vehicles belonging to the Polish Armed Forces in the East. You may notice that some markings are in slightly different places on the model and on the real tank and if you check out the series, sometimes the serial numbers of the parts are completely different. That's because there were several tanks used during the production, at least one of them was produced during the war, but most of them were made by the Polish company Bumar Łabędy in 1950s. Even when the same tank was used, the markings made with paint may still differ. In the scene below both "9.3.0" and "622" can be seen, but the tactical markings are not exactly the same.

The tactical markings on the other side of the turret with a number "672". The details are rather close to the turret of the tank in the photo below. Notice that it has no writing on the side of the hull, meaning that this picture was taken early during the production – the tank got the name "Rudy" in episode 5.

The second most iconic part of this model (besides the number "102") – the name "RUDY" surrounded by four handprints and one Szarik's pawprint. There is also a paint stain on the fender below the writing, left there after painting the name. The interesting thing about this detail is that it was impossible to get right – the markings had to be applied on every tank used during the production, possibly several times for one vehicle, so obviously they weren't exactly the same. In some cases it was easy to explain – "Rudy" got damaged between episodes 6 and 7 and the writing probably had to be repainted, then the tank got obliterated by the 88 mm cannon in episode 13 and was replaced by a new vehicle in episode 16. Also fun fact: in the novel the original tank that got destroyed was a T-34-76, only after that the crew got the upgraded T-34-85. When the production started it was hard to find enough T-34-76s in great condition, while the T-34-85s were not only common, but also still in use, so this model played both of the tanks in the series.

Gustlik applying the first handprint, you can also see the paint on the fender; notice that the handprint is facing left, just like on the in-game model

The scene right after the prints were made, this is the version that the in-game model is the closest to

The name as seen in episode 7; it had to be repainted after the tank suffered heavy damage and Olgierd (the first commander) died while trying to extinguish the fire

This screenshot is taken from the opening used later in the series, the difference may be explained by the fact that the tank was replaced in episode 16, but in reality there seems to be no correlation between those two events (and it's definitely not the only variant used on the new tank)

A screenshot from one of the early episodes – the name is barely seen, maybe even wasn't mean to be seen at all, so clearly the handprints were not applied

Another example of a name (again – completely different, slimmer variant) with no prints around it; in that scene in episode 13, right before being destroyed, the tank was moving fast, so the details were less important

Just 2 seconds before the turret was blown off by a German gun – the details were probably even less important because of all the action and smoke, so the markings on the hull weren't even applied; there was no CGI back then, so the tank was probably destroyed for real in that shot

Handprints on the barrel. There are four of them, which is accurate to the tank seen in the early episodes (see the picture of the crew after painting the name included above). They were used as kill marks, so the number gets bigger later in the series, until the tank was destroyed, the new one had no handprints on the barrel at all.

A screenshot from one of the earlier episodes – 4 marks on the barrel

Later in the series – 6 marks

7 marks – this picture is interesting, because in the previous episode the barrel was damaged and it had to be shortened (the thickened ending was removed, one of the handprints was basically cut in half), but in this scene, when the tank is firing to test the accuracy of the shortened cannon, the barrel seems to be back to normal


Oh the memories… I love this series, it was basically my childhood. This post reminded me about it and made me want to rewatch it again. Of course there are many elements of the communist propaganda in it due to the time it was made, but nonetheless it's still a good, enjoyable story about bravery, friendship and love. Bonus points for using some real pieces of equipment.

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