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Gotta love those tiny details! #53 – BONUS: Char de Chastel

A new marathon is about to start, so it's a great time for another bonus post, this time about the brand new 3D style for the AltProto AMX 30.

Char de Chastel – AltProto AMX 30

This style is inspired by the legend of the Beast of Gévaudan (as can be seen in the description). In the legend the beast was hunted down by Jean Chastel – hence the name of the style.

In some ways it's similar to the Strv K style from the last marathon, as it also features some details making it look like it was made in medieval times. It also seems to be a better version of the 2D style for the Škoda T 40 – it also suggests that the tank is made out of wood and features some medieval weapons, but this one (being a 3D style) looks way better.

As with the Strv style there won't be many historical references, I'll rather point out some fun things that were included.

The barrel was made in a similar way to the Strv K one – it's rather angular, similar to the barrels of early cannons… Or the tank barrels in WoT 10 years ago, but that's another story. We can also see that the muzzle brake was made more decorative, some details and metal spikes were added. We'll see more spikes all around the tank.

Even some bigger spikes like the ones right here were included. Long metal spikes were sometimes present on some siege engines, but I'm also thinking that they look kinda similar to the mine plows and hedgerow cutters used on WW2 and modern tanks. There's also a chain, characteristic for the medieval setting.

The original rubber pads were replaced by something brighter, I guess the pieces here may be just wooden planks covered with leather.

Some more spikes making it harder for the enemy to climb on top of the tank, together with more decorative details.

One of the plates on the sides of the front of the vehicle, clearly consisting of wooden planks. This one has an axe stuck in it – even wooden armor on this tank is strong, at least enough to stop an axe, it may be a bit weaker against tank shells.

Some details of the gun mantlet. Plates connected with rivets were used, you can see that the connections are quite crude, but rather effective as the whole thing is still kept together. Actually I like it more that way, it would look artificial if everything was perfect.

A huge double headed battle axe, probably the best weapon to slay the beast (albeit the legend took place in 18th century and the beast was just shot). I'm not an expert, but I guess that the holes in this weapon were used to make it lighter, but also to make it more decorative. You can see similar decorations on the replica below.

More weapons – an axe, very similar to the one on the front of the tank, together with… A sword? A knife? I have no idea how this kind of weapon is called, it looks kinda similar to a machete, a khopesh or some traditional Asian weapons, but surely not to anything made in medieval France.

The exhaust of the tank were replaced by something that looks like a metal stove with a rather fancy smoke stack.

It's probably a crossbow bolt, as this piece is too short for a regular arrow. It looks to be made of metal, but it may be just a mistake, at least the fletchings should be made of something soft like feathers.

A rather interesting looking barrel, as it clearly features some kind of handle, which is more elaborate than a simple metal piece that was used more often. Nonetheless I was able to find a prop barrel where a similar concept was used.

I like how the side of the turret looks just like a wooden wall of some fortress, together with metal pieces, rivets and torch holders. The fact that it's a 3D style really helped, as I feel that the T 40 2D style was way worse, despite using a similar idea.

And that's the piece that I like the most – a massive ballista placed on top of the turret, where an AA machine gun should be. The projectile looks way too big, but it's just a style in a video game, so it works.

More little details that are rather simple, but they add much to the whole style. You can see the cloth surrounding the mantlet (maybe based on a cape), an empty torch holder and an observation slit that replaced the rangefinder.

Here we can see more pieces of cloth and the road wheels, that were altered in a similar way to the ones on the Strv K – they have long spikes and the connections between the parts are rather simplified. It's also worth noting that two types of wheels were used – that also happened on the real tanks and worked as long as the wheels had similar dimensions.


That's all about the new style. More of the regular posts will come very soon, but for now I want to wish you good luck with the marathon!

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