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Guide for Steel Hunter 2020 (faster progression)

Content of the article: "Guide for Steel Hunter 2020 (faster progression)"

Best vehicle choices for easier wins: – American (autoloader and armor) – British (DPM and flexibility)

  1. At beginning of battle, while collecting drops, look for one isolated person, if they’re collecting as well, use the fact that they don’t want to fight and kill them. At the very beginning, the one with first shot adventage – wins.


  1. Keep collecting drops and look for max two other people fighting 1 vs 1. If you see them isolated, join their fight and gradually remove them both. Make sure to not leave one with enough HP to fight you, focus on person that has more HP to point when both are easily killable.


  1. Avoid at all cost 1 vs 1 fights till there is only 5 people left. Focus on collecting loot and steal killing. Blue loot is very risky to go for, if you have a choice to collect other loot, ignore the blue one. Go for blue only if you’re sure there is no people around.

  2. Once the map is closing, analyze where and how. The map closes in sectors where there is no people, use that to your adventage to avoid fights and collect free loot.

  3. If you die 3 times in row before 1 vs 3, consider taking a break because then you usually start to tilt, if you care about fast progression. Don’t get mad about bad game, say to yourself: „Happens. If I won’t be in top 3 next 2 battles, I am done”. This will save you unnecesarry frustration and mistakes caused by it.

  4. Keep in mind that majority of players playing this mode act like animals, if they see you, they will keep chasing you till you’re dead, like a dog chasing a car. Doesn’t matter at what stage of game. Avoid wasting your HP and resources at fair fights. Let dogs fight each other and fight only unfair.

  5. Make sure you understand how your tank abilities work. They are VERY important and you won’t win if you don’t know how to use them to your adventage.

  6. Keep your turret moving all around and use your radio (X key) whenever it’s possible to keep yourself aware of everything. Don’t bother building your tank radio for range, build it for reload speed.

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That’s all I’ve learned so far. I hope this will help you!


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