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Highest DPM Possible in World Of Tanks Blitz Using Uprising Abilities and Ridiculous RNG

Content of the article: "Highest DPM Possible in World Of Tanks Blitz Using Uprising Abilities and Ridiculous RNG"

I decided to calculate the highest DPM possible in one minute with Uprising abilities thrown in the mix. These calculations are performed using the Jagdtiger, with Double Food and Gun Rammer installed, as well as a 100% crew, bringing the DPM, without Uprising abilities, to 5214. I will be, for the sake of calculating the highest possible damage, assuming you maximum roll every shot that you make in that minute. I will be using HE shells for maximum possible damage because the Jagdtiger has the highest HE DPM out of all tier. I will also be including the effects of Adrenaline (+20% to reload speed for 15 seconds), Jagged Shells II (+40% to damage), Chain Lightning II (+45% to damage), Inferno (+30% damage proportional to your tank's total HP pool), and Rapid Reload II (+35% to reload speed). For Inferno to take its full effect, I will be running the Jagdtiger with Improved Assembly installed, bringing the total HP up to 1908. The Jagdtiger will also have High-End Consumables installed, bringing the effects of Adrenaline up to 19 seconds.


The Jagdtiger’s RoF, with Double Food and Gun Rammer, the 35% boost from Rapid Reload, as well as Adrenaline’s 20% boost, will now be calculated.

0.55% (20% + 35% from Adrenaline and Rapid Reload) of 6.9 seconds base reload time (with Double Food and Rammer) is 3.795. 6.9 minus 3.795 is 3.105 seconds of reload time. Since Adrenaline lasts for 19 seconds, 19 divided by 3.105 gives us a RoF of 6.11916264 rounds in that 19-second span.

After Adrenaline has worn off, we have 41 seconds left in our one minute. The RoF will now be calculated and added to the first 19 second’s RoF. Without the boost from Adrenaline, the Jagdtiger loses the 20% reload buff, but keeps Rapid Reload II’s 35% buff. This keeps the reload speed at 4.485 seconds. 41 seconds divided by 4.485 seconds is 9.14158305 rounds in that 41-second span. 9.14158305 + 6.11916264 is 15.2607457 rounds in one minute.

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Do not think I am missing anything. Because of the lightning-quick reload speeds, Chain Lightning will only take effect every OTHER shell, as the quicker reload rate beats the 5-second cooldown on Chain Lightning II. This means that the 45% damage boost will only apply to 8 of the 15 whole shells. Keep that in mind. Additionally, Inferno has a 25-second cooldown, meaning we can use it 3 times throughout the whole minute. Once when the timer starts, another time when the 25-second cooldown is over, and once more at the 50-second mark for a total of 3 times.

I will calculate the DPM, factoring in the 19 seconds of Adrenaline, for all the shells affected by Chain Lightning. Inside the Adrenaline boost window, 3 rounds are affected by Chain Lightning II. Each 128mm HE round has 600 average damage. We will assume all the HE shells max roll, giving it 750 base damage. Now, we factor in the Inferno, Chain Lightning, and Jagged Shells damage boost. 45% from Chain Lightning, plus 40% from Jagged Shells, is an 85% damage boost to all three shells. 0.85 times 750 is 637.5, which is rounded to 638. 750 + 638 is 1388. 1388, times 3 shells is 4164 damage. But wait, one shell gets an extra 30% boost proportional to the Jagdtiger’s HP. To maximize the effect, the Jagdtiger has Improved Assembly installed, bringing the total HP up to 1908. 30% of 1908 is 572, which is rounded to 573. This means that the DPM of the shells that are affected by Chain Lightning II and Inferno is 4164 + 573, which is 4737 damage.

I will now calculate the DPM of the shells fired in the 41 seconds outside the Adrenaline buff, factoring in the 2 Inferno shots and the Chain Lightning II skip. 5 shells will be affected by Chain Lightning during the 41 second period. As we previously calculated, each shell deals 1388 damage. However, since Inferno is fired twice, we add 573 damage to two of the shells. We do not have to worry about this being an error in calculations, as the damage boost from Inferno is based on the tank’s maximum HP, and thus will be an equal added amount, disregarding boosts from other abilities. This means that two shells will deal 1961 damage, and three shells will deal 1388 damage, giving us a damage total of 8086. 8086 + 4737 is 12823 total damage for all shells affected by Chain Lightning II and Inferno combined.

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I will now calculate the damage total of shells not affected by Chain Lightning II. In the 19-second Adrenaline span, 3.11916264 will be fired. Assuming each shell max rolls for 750 damage, we can now add in the Uprising Abilities. 0.4 times 750 is 300, giving our shells 1050 damage each. 1050 times 3.11916264 is 3275.12077 damage in that 19-second span.

I will now calculate the damage total of shells not affected by Chain Lightning II or Inferno in the 41-second span where Adrenaline does not apply. During this time, 4.14158305 rounds will be fired that are not affected by Chain Lightning II or Inferno. 1050 damage per shell, times 4.14158305, gives us a total of 4348.6622 damage.

Now, we can add this all up. 4348.6622 + 3275.12077 + 12823 + 4737 is 25183.783 DPM.


I realize now, after typing all this, that I forgot to account for Hunter’s Mark, which increases damage to a target by 60% for 10 seconds. However, to preserve my sanity, I will not be fucking redoing all my calculations for the sake of Hunter’s Mark, I’ll leave that to some other poor soul who wishes to waste his or her time on this shit.

This has been Calculating Bigass Unneccesary Numbers For No Logical or Justifiable Reason and Wasting an Hour and a Half of My Time with TheDuktective, thank you for reading.

TLDR Highest possible DPM without Hunter’s Mark is 25183.783 damage, using the Jagdtiger's DPM with HE shells and assuming you max roll every shot for 750 damage. The bonuses from Adrenaline, Double Food, Gun Rammer, Improved Assembly, Inferno, Chain Lightning II, Jagged Shells II, and Rapid Reload II are all taken into account.

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1k Upvotes and I'll calculate it again, but this time for an ENTIRE BATTLE of consecutive firing, with Hunter's Mark included and factored for in the calculations.

P.S. I highly doubt someone has done this already, due to the toll on my mental health and sanity it took, but in case someone has already done this, please don't flame me in the comments. I didn't know, and if someone did do it already I'll take this post down.


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