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How to Beat The Last Waffentrager

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  1. Do not engage the WT, seriously just don’t. They can two shot you, stun you in the open, and zap you for up to 600 point blank. To do any meaningful damage your team should be level 8 or higher. This isn’t randoms, so don’t expect the WT to ever have to retreat to avoid any meaningful damage. They can easily tank all the shots during their reload since they have 32K HP. Sniping from afar is similarly pointless, your accuracy and aim time is far worse, and the WT has excellent vision; only proper double bushing will do anything.
  2. While not engaging the WT, go after the bot spawn furthest away from the WT to get your power level up. The bots are just terrible, the opposite of the perfect snipers they were in homefront, so just keep moving and farm them hard. The Panzer VII bot has good frontal armor and will be the only actual challenge to teams properly swarming and moving.
  3. The armor of the T55a is good against bots, but almost useless against the WT. You may get occasional glancing blows with perfect angling, but your turret will not stop a WT shell.
  4. If the WT appears near that bot location before you’ve finished, it’s ok to run away. Hit the turbo, move to farm the other location, and circle back later once the WT was forced to move on.
  5. Remember you have three lives. If the team is level 8+ and the clock is ticking down, don’t hesitate to sacrifice yourself to grab that last powerup for the team. Similarly if you’re on your last life, protect it at all costs or you’ll reduce the team DPM by 15% without your gun.
  6. If the team reaches power level 10 great, but don’t forget you can still be two shot in 6 seconds just like at level one. Don’t get careless, always be near hard cover or have an escape plan if you get rushed.
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Getting these guidelines understood will help everyone grind through the T55 missions so much faster and get the community more rewards by taking down the E220s driven by WG and CCs.


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