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I am in love with the WZ-111G FT (chinese tier 9 td)

Content of the article: "I am in love with the WZ-111G FT (chinese tier 9 td)"

This thing is a beast, full disclosure I am a 49% WR player, but this is my new favorite tank. I can see why people think the tier X is meh considering this is basically the tier x that's slightly worse at everything, can't see myself buying the tier X anytime soon. I'm running it with a rammer, bond optics and the increased Hp equipment (should probably swap over to vents. When you combine the fat alpha, great pen and alpha it's an awesome tank. It doesn't matter whose around the corner, you go around have a 50% chance of bouncing them and smack them for 750. I would be interested if anyone else has an opinion on the tank.

Regarding the line from T4-7 they are good but generic Td's, fast, good dpm, average alpha. They also have great camo ratings, the tier 7 especially is insane. The tier 8 is kind of meh though, the top gun is great but your HP is crab and armor is unreliable, the tank traverse is also HORRIBLY I have never played a tank that get circled as easily as this, the gun is still great though and the tank is ok.


Tied highest alpha for tier 9 Td (750)

Good view range

290 standard pen is amazing penetration, behind only strv.

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Very arguably the best pen premium rounds in the game 395 pen HEAT at tier 9 is probably better than JPE100's 420 at tier X. This is better gold pen then every other tier X td, tied with 268.

One of the highest hp pools at tier 9, 1800, below only jagdtiger and tortoise.

Average camo, mobility is quite nice, good reverse speed

armor is troll as fuck, the manlet is MASSIVE biggest in the game and regulary bounces gold rounds, rest of your large superstruture is ~250 and you have autobounce cheeks and small upper plate. The armor massively overperforms whatever it says on paper, this thing gets a ton of bounces and laughs at gold rounds.

Rare tank, people don't know what you do or weakpoints, often people will bounce a few ap rounds, realise you have good armor and switch to gold only to bounce off your giant mantlet.

Only tier IX td with 1100 HE damage (next highest is 950), comes in handy.


Shell velocity is pretty terrible, encourages you to play it up close as an assault gun. You can snipe and your great pen helps, you can hit large or slow enemies, but it's very frustating trying to hit ebrs and other zoomy tanks

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