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I feel the storm coming down hunting for me

Content of the article: "I feel the storm coming down hunting for me"

First things first, I’m a newbie who started playing only back in march, so go easy on me please.

Just about july or so I came across the I think famous QB’s “is world of tanks dying?” video, and from then on started thinking about the “if and if so what are those wot has problems” and a point came to mind: as said I’m a newbie so I’m not gonna pretend I know the game its problems and the etc., because I don’t, but I can speak for my own personal experience, wich is “player base in this game is mostly sh*t”.

I’m making a bold statement here so I’m gonna explain myself. In this game players just like, or feel they must idk, to be super competitive, wich is perfectly fine for me, but also expect you too to be super competitive, and if you fail to meet their standards they simply go on trashing you in chat with the always same “lemming, f@cktard, go back playing tetris” etc (seriously guys, what kind of problems do you have with tetris lol). Even worse, at the end of the game they check your service record, find out you are a newbie who’s obviously still learning the game and do a second round of shitdumping in chat (even the above mentioned QB, who seems to be the nice guy trying to help, do so: he obviously doesn’t message people to stat-shame them, but he checks and comments some of the players’ service record right after the match, and he does so “in pubblic” given the fact he streams so it’s kinda the same).

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Why is it so? Why in this game is so damn important that everybody is at least a green player with 50%? Why is it oh so important that everybody in match always constantly try his hardest to win the game no matter what? With equipment 2.0 came the opportunity to do some ridiculous fun stuff, so why I can’t just play for the lols making a best-camo setup on the elc to go and do a fun “surprise mf to enemy arties”? Or why I can’t make a super ridiculous fast ebr setup to be the fastest spotter in the game and just drive around jumping and running like a madman? I’m exaggerating my examples to make a point: sure things I proposed may very well just be idiotic to be done (though sometimes can still be fun imo) but the point is sometimes people just want to play chill and have a laugh rather than try hard but guess what, you do so the lemming thing comes in chat hunting for you…

I also played cod before wot and things there are so much better. Firstly the stat thing is present in both games, but I’ve never seen anyone go around stat-shaming a player because “lol you got only .4 kdr lol you suck lemming bot”, and then there you can play for the lols and nobody cares: you wanna run aroung like a madman only taking a knife, obviously dying endlessly and practically make your team play one down? Go on, do so, nobody cares!

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That said I get the point that sometimes someone is on a mission for completing some god-awful campaign objective and can be triggered by players playing randomly making thins for him harder, but we have a chat fgs, go on be the nice guy and say “ehi I must do a xxx thing, can you please try to be supportive or at least not completely useless?”; now that I know what you are up to and you asked nicely I might be willing to pause the lols for a moment and try to help… Oh wait, you do such a thing in chat and the old “fu nobody cares” comes as an answer. (You see my point? “Community life” is so poor…)

I may have much more to say but god forsake me I already wrote a damn poem so I’m gonna stop right here, but am hoping I made my point clear and maybe started a serious debate about this.


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