World of Tanks (WoT)

I regret deleting my account

Hello, fellow commanders,

I want to express my regret for deleting my old account about 3 years ago. It was first created when I was in high school when one of my collegue had playing it for a few weeks.(This was about september/october 2011). Since then I played a lot of times, I played as a tier 3 on match with tier 9-10s, the times when KV1 was the Tyranosaurus Rex on tier 5, when PZ 4 had that awesome gun and turret and many many more. My objective was that I wanted to play all the historical tanks in the 2nd world war and I played the Tiger, Tiger2, T34, Ferdinand and a few more.
My favourite nation was Germany by far, although at higher tiers they became more slower and heavy, still beasts to on their own rights and the gun precision was in my opinion the best.
As time passed, I enter uni and played a bit less, but at summer I played a lot. So after a while I felt like I spend too much time on it, and I decided to delete my account. It was a pain because i had almost 30k battles and although I never played a tier 9 ever(due too the fact I didn't had money at that time to invest in premium I used a few tier 5 and 6 to make money) I still enjoyed it. So I told my sister about this and she said to not delete it, let it go for a while because I might regret it in the future.
And after 2-3 years I wanted to play it again, but there was a problem, all my work of all those years were gone, all the good and bad times deleted due too my stupid tantrum. Now I made a new one with barely 500 battles, but it seems like I don't have the drive to push it anymore, when I think how stupid I was and that maybe today I would have played at a tier 10.
I wasn't a briliant player, just your average joe with good and bad matches from time too time, but I still enjoyed it nevertheless.

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So for anyone who wants to delete it in the future, please think twice before doing it. Even if it's seems like too annoying at times, just pause it for a few months and come back again even for 5 minutes.


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