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I was sarcastically dared to “fix” arty so here’s a write up.

Content of the article: "I was sarcastically dared to “fix” arty so here’s a write up."

I was issued a sarcastic challenge to "fix arty" by a clan mate and why waste it by not presenting it. Below is cleaned up version of the quick write up.

To begin an attempt at fixing arty, one has to identify the issues.

  1. High single shot damage
  2. Lack of reliable counter player
  3. The ability to safely fire from a long distance over cover.
  4. The class suffers RNG from poor base accuracy and long distances of fire. This is made even more annoying with long reloads.
  5. The lack of diversity in the class. Of the lines of arty, they all very similar.

Take note before any solution would be implement it will require a large volume of test and balence.

The general solution: Burst fire artillery and a change to how artillery is able to see and fire.

Burst fire artillery solves issues 1, 4 and 5.

  • Issue 1: with a change to distributed damage, the receiving damage while being more constant will be lower then a singular larger shot being received.
  • issue 4: with burst fire the "feeling" of poor RNG will be mitigated by the higher reliability to at least deal some damage as opposed to missing serval shots and hoping for a one pen. This issue is addressed in serval other changes later on.
  • Issue 5: Burst fire allows a larger range of damage balence, thus opportunity to has each line have a flavor or evolution. The previous long reload single powerful shot could split in a number of shots of that could fire quickly or with deliberate pace. Not to mention reload or accuracy could be taken into account. Say you have only 3 smaller damaging shots but they are quite accurate even with shot bloom. One could also have a long reload but have 6 staggered high damaging shots to suppress a position.
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Spotting change: effects issues 2 and 4.

The change can happen in several versions. What I currently have envisioned only effects arty fire from "sniper mode"

  • Targets will only be rendered when an ally calls for fire, rendering the target for a time period.
  • Allies can call fire in a specific spot but the enemy tanks will never be rendered.
  • Depending on balence artillery could only target tanks based purely on their map position.

With any of the above changes the "skill floor" of artillery would certainly be increased. By allowing a higher skill floor and with taking in the changes to burst fire, balance of performance could be made further into reliability. Now to start talking about how a player may start to counter this more reliable sky fire.

2 changes that one or both could be implemented.

  1. A new perk or base mechanic to notify the enamy tanks the direction of the artillery fire is coming from allowing a short warning to dodge fire and with subsequent fire to find a suitable cover if available. This indicator would of a similar visual like that of the impact of shells that fail to penetrate.
  2. When arty prepares to fire while in "sniper mode", a marker appears on the ground where the fire was selected. This change will allow a last second evasion of tanks in the zone.

To increase the effectiveness of the above changes a small delay could be also added to arty when fired in "sniper mode".

The 3rd issue cant be easily as fixed due to its the nature of the class. Outside of the changes above to incentives moving closer for better shots, changes would have to be done in other areas.

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Changes in map design to require artillery to move often for shots or make it easier for fast moving tanks to threaten altilary.

To sum it up: – increase the skill floor of altilary, while increasing reliability. – introduce more ways for counter play for incoming fire.

Take note, all of the above is under the assumption that arty to remain purely a damage dealing class and not even consider the possibility of support ammunition. I will withhold on trying to think of a support version of arty as it may be too big of a change.

If you would indulge me try to think of any issues with this proposal. I don't expect it to be implemented, I just like thinking.


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