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If you are wondering about the Emil 1951

Content of the article: "If you are wondering about the Emil 1951"

Disclaimer: I do not have the Emil 1951

Good morning lads. As you all are aware, the new Tier 8 Swedish premium heavy tank has come to the store for the crate, the Emil 1951. Is it good, or is it trash? Well, it does seem to have a lot going for it. If you like the Emil, I think you'll like this tank.

Firepower: Emil 1951 takes the cake on this one. Slightly better DPM, way better premium AND standard pen, Better rate of fire, and a better magazine reload time. The only thing that is strange, is the Tech tree Emil has a ten damage higher alpha, 320 compared to 310, which a lot of heavies have. For the dispersion, everything is the same for the most part, except for the on movement dispersion, with the 1951 having a better 0.18 compared to the 0.22 of the tech tree Emil. Strangely enough, the Emil 1951 has one less degree of gun elevation, of 14 compared to the Emil's 15. So the Emil 1951 has better firepower and takes the cake fr this category.

Mobility: Now here's where it gets even better. The Emil 1951 has better forward speed, (40 compared to 35) better power to weight ratio and better effective horsepower, and last but not least, WAY better traverse speed. This thing is what the Emil should have been. Way more mobile, and you could definitely be viable with the mediums. Drawbacks are worse camo rating than the Emil and slightly worse terrain resistance. Also, the Emil 1951 is lighter.

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Armor: Well, here's something interesting. The Emil 1951 actually has WORSE armor than its tech tree counterpart. Here's the armor:

Emil 1951 Emil 1

Turret Amor: 160, 35, 20 Turret armor: 180, 70, 50

Hull armor: 100, 35, 30 Hull armor: 125, 80, 50

Now, I don't know every armor spec for all tier 8 heavies, but I don't think that this is the best armor ever in tier 8, but you'll get bounces I think.

Summary: The Emil 1951 is just faster, more mobile, and has better firepower than the Emil 1. But it trades some armour for the speed and firepower. Do I think it is worth it: Yes. I am not promoting gambling, so just wait until it comes out for gold. I think this is a strong tank, but I don't think it's op. If you have the Emil 1, don't gamble for the 1951. The Emil 1 is still a very strong tank, and it fits the meta.

Playstyle: Play this like your mobile heavy tank, go middle of the map or on the medium side for support. Get hull down as well, and use your turret and gun depression. Try to conserve your hp in this tank, for that late game push.

I hoped this guide helps! I love the Emil 1, and I might try to get the 1951. If I do, ill make sure to record a replay for you guys. But seriously, wait for this thing to come out for gold.

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