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Im finally quitting and my journey – good and bad

Content of the article: "Im finally quitting and my journey – good and bad"

I thought id finish off my blitz journey with a post of my experience. Because this game really is a lifestyle and when you start its hard to get out.

After playing since launch and making it this far ive decided to quit. I think it used to be a great game and ive been denying to myself that its devolving into a game i dont want to play for quite some time now. Im a collector and so ive spent £1000s in this game and have every tank except the tankenstien and keniotsu, a 68% wr ,2300 arvg dmg at 70,000+ battles.ive been in loads of clans through the years but my favourites and were i made loads of early friends were mgph and loca.

I use to love the good old days platooning for fun and messing around with my friends, i made alot of good friends and have watched most fade away over the years.

The main reasons ive quit is due to the huge rise in the number of made up tanks and the very store and unfair crate systems which will trick alot of new players and children into wasting there money.

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The amount of bot and noob accounts with 33-45% wr and godawful stats that are polluting the game and making it so that even when platooned its a struggle to win unless you go into a state of tryhard,and even then yoir own team can be mkre detrimental then the actual enemies.

There are many other things such as 5.5 (worst update in any game i can think of). The powercreep of many tanks which is ovbious when you look at how the game use to be in older youtube vids or from memories, how paying for something in game can be as much as a full triple A game … and the bugs which are introduced most patches or the untested patches that needed further patches , lol.

One of the major reasons im quitting and deciding to never pick up again though is due to how utterly toxic the game has become.You cant play a game without having some self diagnosed pro crying and raging at you for outplaying or winning against them, the constant after game messages from salty players or dont even get me started on global, its turned into a cesspool worse then i ever remember it to be. There is no more friendly support or conversations anymore and for a multiplayer game thats sad.

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Ill never forget my first tier 10 the mighty jgpzE100 and all the forgotten 5.5's.

This game isnt what it use to be and after no signs of getting better, thats it for me. Off to find the next game thatll hopefully make me feel how this game use to, thanks to the og community on the eu server for all the fun i had and good luck on the battlefield.


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