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I’m working on a simple tool for Crew 2.0 to automatically calculate how to get the most high-level commanders from your existing crew using the proxy-vehicle “hack”

TL;DR: I'm working on a simple app to help you make sense of your crew. I'm in the middle of creating a tool to work out how to get the highest-level commanders from your existing crew should Crew 2.0 be released to the main game. Early results are promising.

A while ago I posted an update on the crew management tool that I'm working on to help you make sense of your crew. If you're like me then the in-game barracks are a complete mess and it's impossible to get a clear sense of what crew you have, their current skills, and if you're using them optimally. I also created a tiny mod that gets all your crew data from the game which you can then open in the app.

For those who missed it, this is the sort of thing it can do:

It's been really useful for me so far, especially the charts showing exactly where I am with each crew skill, how far away I am from the next, and how many crew books / XP it'll take to get where I want to go.

A lot of this may become simpler now that Crew 2.0 is (potentially) on the way, however what isn't simple is working out how to make the most of your existing crews when converting to the Crew 2.0 system.

With this in mind, I've spent this evening working on an update to the app with a simple tool that automatically works out an efficient way for you to break up your crews to get the most commanders with the highest levels.

This is possible due to a "hack" with the way Crew 2.0 calculates commander level from the average of the crew for a single tank. Because it's an average it means you can get a Level 80 commander from a 2-crew vehicle and then that commander can be moved to a 6-crew vehicle if you wanted. If you wasted 6 crew on that same commander you'd have "lost" 4 crew that you could have used to make another commander.

For example, if you move your existing crews to 2-crew vehicles (eg. most Tier I) you can effectively get 3 commanders from 6 crew members.

What's the catch? This all costs gold if you want to do it in a way that keeps all your hard-earned XP. It's about 200 per crew member to move them to the proxy (2-crew) vehicle and then another 750 gold to move the resulting commander to the tank you actually want them on. This means it's roughly 1150 gold for each commander you create using this hack, or roughly £3 to £4 if you don't already have the gold to hand (maybe less if you buy a gold package).

You can also do this for credits but you'll lose XP and commander levels and I don't currently work that out (though it could be useful!).

Fortunately the tool works most of this out for you:

  • Select the nation you want to check commanders for
  • Select the number of crew members for the "hack" vehicle you're converting crew through
  • That's it! You'll see your crew split up and ordered by the best possible commander to worst

Now not all nations have accessible 2-crew vehicles to get the most from this hack, for example if you don't have the Manticore for UK then your only other option is a 3-crew vehicle. You can see the result of this here, where if I had a Manticore to convert crew through then I'd get two Level 80 commanders, but if I don't then I can only get one!

If I had a Manticore I could get two Level 80 commanders!

But I don't so I can "only" get one Level 80 commander

I'm sure there's some nuance that I'm missing but it seems to work pretty well so far from the limited testing that I've done. I think I'll stop for now and work on it some more if Crew 2.0 makes it to the Common Test / Public server.


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