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In response to recent “Tell me game is not p2w” rant post

Content of the article: "In response to recent “Tell me game is not p2w” rant post"

I think sometimes the stats on blitzstars can be misleading to people (especially when it comes to newer "OP" "P2W" tanks, and here is why.

When people get a tech tree tank, it comes stock. It has the worst modules, no equipment, etc… so, it takes quite a few battles before the tank performs well.

Then, after people get all the top modules, many players only play the tank long enough to get the next tank in the line, then quit playing the previous tank.

So, the stats for tech tree tanks are often a reflection of those tank’s worst periods and a much smaller percentage of players continue playing them after they start performing well in them.

In contrast, premium tanks already have top modules and usually come fully equipped. Also, many times the people who are willing to pay for premium tanks are either the experienced players who enjoy the game enough that they are willing to spend money on it, or rich noobs who pay money for a tank they think will make them great, but then it doesn’t and they don’t play it.

The experienced players will continue playing these tanks they invested in, will do well in them, and will rack up the required 100 battles for their stats to be counted on Blitzstars statistics. The noob players will get frustrated at their poor performance and quite playing the tank and just buy more premiums, leaving their shiny new "OP" tank collecting dust with just a few battles, sometimes with not even enough battles to be counted in the stats.

Because of this, the experienced players will rack up enough battles to be counted in blitzstars stats, and there is no “grinding” period for the tanks so they appear to perform better. The noobs and people who suck in the tank just quit playing it and their stats won’t get shown on blitzstars because they don’t have enough battles to get counted.

So what do you end up with? A tank that appears to be an instant P2W, where you buy it and it blows every other tank out of the water.

If you notice, the image that is posted in the referenced post contains mainly (not all, but mostly) tanks that are either fairly recent releases (within the last year or two, or are rare tanks that are not offered regularly. Over time, as the mystique dies off and the tanks prices come down and more people can purchase the tanks, the stats tend to balance out a bit more.

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My personal favorite example of skewed Blitzstars stats is the IS-6 and the IS-6 fearless.

Back in the day, the IS-6 used to be one of the most solid premium tank options available at tier 8, yet over the years it has become powercrept and was considered by most people to not be worth it anymore (most recent armor buff aside). It is available for anyone to purchase at all times. It goes on sale frequently, and it also is sometimes acquired for free from huge containers. Because of this, many people (experienced and noob) have racked up a lot of battles in it, so it’s stats are (what I would say would be) accurately reflective of performance in a premium tank.

The IS-6 fearless is just a re-skinned IS-6. The IS-6 Fearless is pretty much identical to the IS-6 in every way other than its appearance (and one minor difference in terrain resistance and effective HP/T in soft terrain only). If you look at the same "Tanks" page on Blitzstars, they don't even take the time to differentiate between the two tanks. The stats they show for them are completely identical:

  • Battles: 1,361
  • Win rate: 52.85%
  • DR: 1.14
  • Etc…
  • Hitrate: 83.05%
  • Survival: 38.04%
  • Players: 10000

I think this is just laziness on Blitzstars part because the IS-6 fearless was such a rare tank. Even before they offered it as a ratings reward, it still showed 10000 players which isn’t accurate, as it is one of the rarest tanks in the game:

So, one might assume that since the tanks stats are identical, that they would be performing identically…


When you go to the Blitzstars home page and look at the tank zeitgeist, the NUMBER THREE “Winningest” tank over the past 90 days is!?!?!

The IS-6 fearless.

The IS-6 isn’t on the list at all.

When you pull up both tanks in the Blitzstars Tank Compare and scroll to the bottom, you see the 90 day stats show the following 90 day stats:


  • Winrate: 71.02%
  • Avg Damage: 2237
  • Damage Ratio: 1.73
  • Avg Kills: 1.29
  • Kills/Death Ratio: 3.54
  • Avg Spots: 1.37
  • Survival Rate: 60.69%
  • Players: 64


Winrate: 54.44%

  • Avg Damage: 1513
  • Damage Ratio: 1.06
  • Avg Kills: 0.85
  • Kills/Death Ratio: 1.56
  • Avg Spots: 1.1
  • Survival Rate: 41.77%
  • Players: 4859
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Why would this be? The tanks are identical! They perform identically! For normal purposes on the "Tanks" page, Blitzstars didn't even take the time to differentiate their stats!

Here we have the IS-6 Fearless as being the 3rd best tank in the past 90 days, and Tank Compare shows its performance as vastly superior.

Why? Because the IS-6 Fearless has traditionally only been awarded to excellent players as a reward for certain events, and then more recently to the top 10 players in ratings, and then diamond league players getting certificate parts.

Outside of the one gifting kerfuffle mentioned in the Meadsy69 video above, it is pretty much only the best of the best that have this tank.

As we can see, the IS-6 stats are similar to other Tech Tree and Tech Tree Premium tanks. It is always available, frequently discounted, given as a reward from huge containers and for events, etc… so many players have it and have had it for years. Some do well in it, some do terrible, and the stats show that it's overall average winrate is only 52.85%

In contrast, the IS-6 FEARLESS is rare, unavailable outside of really good players, and shows on the tank Zeitgeist list as having a 71.02% winrate.

So, bottom line… BlitzStars stats don't always paint the full picture. You have to consider the tanks history, rareness, exclusivity due to price, and think about who is going to be willing to invest not only money into the game but also who is willing to invest the time required for their stats to be counted in BlitzStars stats.

When you view the stats on BlitzStars and sort by Win Rate, try to remember that many of those top tanks are:

  • Relatively new releases.
  • People may not know how to effectively counter them in battle them yet.
  • Expensive tanks that only serious collectors or committed players would pay for.
  • Rare tanks that aren't offered often, so players with them have been playing for years.
  • Tanks that were offered as event prizes that required serious grinding and performance to earn.
  • Tanks that come fully equipped and have no "grinding period" that has to be endured.
  • High new release prices and crate strategy mean it is not widely available yet, meaning those players with stats on blitzstars (at least a 100 battles) are the ones that are more likely to be players that are willing to invest BOTH money and time into the game.
  • Wallet Warrior noobs often buy "OP" "p2W" tanks, but give up on them because they don't have the experience to actually use the tank to it's strengths. Because of this, they often will give up playing the tanks before they reach the threshold for their stats to register on BlitzStars. They are willing to spend the money, but are not willing to spend the time.
  • Some lucky people win them quickly in a crate deal after spending only a couple bucks, and then only play them a few times to discover that they don't like the tank. Because they only spent a couple bucks, they are not that invested and just don't play the tank, again leaving their stats uncounted on BlitzStars.
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Take any noob with a bunch of money and fill their garage full of "OP" "p2W" "WaLlEt WaRrIor" tanks, and their stats will be trash.

Take any experienced player with solid stats and fill their garage with only tech tree tanks, and their solid stats will still be solid.

In the end…

Skill, Time, Experience > Fancy new P2W premium


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