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ISU bundle, buy or pass?

This is a post aimed at players who are considering spending their gold on the ISU-122S and ISU-130 bundle, or either of the tanks alone.

I will be comparing both tanks to the soviet TDs of the same tier with the same playstyle, and then I will quickly compare it to the top TDs. I will base this comparison on data and stats from blitzstars and blitz hangar since I don't own neither the 130 or the 122S, so I'll be 100% objective, but at the same time I can't give you the subjective perspective I get from playing the tanks. If you own them feel free to state your opinion in the comments, but my opinion won't be included in this post.



DISCLAIMER: I didn't compare it to the SU-100M1 because it has a weaker gun and more aggressive playstyle from my experience.

The tier VII soviet TDs I will be comparing are the SU-122-44, the fan favourite SU-152, and the ISU-122S. In terms of the gun, the top 122mm gun in the SU-152 is the exact same as the ISU-122S, so you can get that firepower for free. The difference is you get HEAT in the tech tree and APCR premium in the 122S. The SU-122-44 falls behind in terms of dpm and depression, but the pen and alpha values are the same.

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The 152mm gun on the SU-152 is also a factor to take into account, since many consider it the best gun in the tank, and it's the only one of the three that has access to it.

Mobility is another story. The 122-44 has the best mobility of the three, and the SU-152 the worst. The three are close together, but an important factor in TDs makes the 122S fall behind, which is the camo. It recovers a little bit of ground with the armour, which is marginally better than the 122-44.

Finally, the 122-44 earns more credits than the 122S.


The SU-122S is the 7th TD with the most winrate in tier VII, behind the SU-152, and above the SU-122-44. The leaders are the T28 Concept and Helsing, which isn't surprising.

Tanks that also mount 122mm guns are the WZ Blaze, ranking 9th with its better mobility and camo but worse armour and DPM, and the T-34-2G FT, which ranks 11th, but with the handicap of being a tech tree tank. Its characteristics are the way better mobility and gun handling than the 122S, but worse DPM and armour once again.



This time the comparison will include the ISU-130, the ISU-152, the SU-101 and the SU-130PM. In terms of the guns the ISU-152 is the clear winner with the best alpha, dpm, and penetration, with the ISU-130 close behind in DPM. The ISU-130 has a great premium AP with extra damage, but it still falls short of the 640 standard alpha of the 152.

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The gun handling of the ISU-130 is the better of the four overall, except in terms of depression where the 130PM has the edge with 7 degrees vs the 6 of both ISU tanks., and aim time where the ISU-130 is the worst. Notably the SU-130PM has a very flexible 70 degrees of aiming arc on both sides.

In terms of mobility both SU tanks are clearly over the ISUs, as well as in camo. The ISU-130 has the worst mobility and the 152 the worst camo.


The ISU-130 is by far the worst performing premium TD in its tier, and very close to being the worst premium only doing better than the Panther 8,8. All of the tanks in the previous comparison have a better winrate, which is bad for a premium compared to tech tree tanks that aren't that great like the SU-101. It also has way less games than the leaders, the WZ-120G-FT and T28 Defender.


Overall the bundle doesn't look great for its value. Both tanks seem good at first but when you dig deeper you can see in their stats that they have big flaws, like terrible camo ratings for the alpha they have, and not awesome mobility for their poor armour. Their low winrates and usage indicate they aren't great either.

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I'd say you should stay away from the tanks, but as I already mentioned I don't own them so if you do, it would be appreciated if you could comment whether they are worth it at this price tag.


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