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January 14th community stream Recap

Hey, here's the unofficial recap for the January 14th community stream.

Note: all of this is unofficial, as I'm just some smuck who can't confirm anything said on stream.

Last week's news – Toy tank mode was well liked – CW UK Lights and TD’s were released – Highest win rate is the FV4005 at 60.12% – Conway is also high at 55.52% – Mastery of the hunt op for TD’s and Lights ends the 14th.

This week: – Weekly news article Link – Ongoing paladin earn op – Silver rain op for the weekend – Tank trade in event (ends the 24th) – USSR on track – “New” CW tank the FV4201/T95 Article Link – Merc contract – Smoothman Article link

Next week’s news – New CW Era 2 Heavy the FV 214 conqueror mk 2 (Tech tree reskin?) – French Heavy on Reforge. Premium tanks are, AMX M4 49 (and reskins), FCM 50t, Andre the giant. – Next class based MM test will be January 21-24 – 18-24th Tank ace ranked event in random battles. (Leaderboard style event) Only a certain list of tanks will be participating. – Machine Contract

Upcoming events / News – Next maps – HIdden village, Pearl river, Great wall, Nomonhan (February?) – Next reforge – Hint: Mid size great wall

Other Topics / news – Community poll results for the comms wheel. 2 new and 2 returning commands. More time after battle to send coms. Different commands when looking at a teammate. – T110E4 was asked to be looked at. We buffed it due to its weak armor spots. Before buffs it was 48.5 Now it's 50.3. (Zorin says that if this is still that low despite its stats then it needs to be reworked in general) – We are considering changing the formula for marks from the last 100 games to your best 100 games. This would make it longer but reward your hard work. Let us know what you think about this idea. – Wheeled vehicles are continued to be tested by ST. Most of the bugs left are cosmetic. We really want to release them correctly so they are delayed a bit. We planned for them in January, Early February now? – Commander customization is going along well. Still no date.

QNA: – Can we have a 0 skill commander for new players due to cost? (500k silver) – we can look into that. – Any news on the spectator hud to make it like before 6.0? – still being worked on. We don't have too many Hud engineers. – In the background is that a new tank? – turn in next week to find out – Next Reforge? – Hint “think midsize great wall” – CW German tanks? – look shortly after school gets out. (june?) – Obj 279e free xp – February – Any news on Arty? – We are looking at a proposal that one of the dev team made over the holiday break. Still in the planning stages so no dates. – Any clan news? – working on a clan feature for the portal. There's quite a few plans. Well talk about it more later in the year. – Any update for removing the color filter on the maps? – I have that ticket with me, ill take a look after the stream – Next free xp discount – end of this month – Clan emblems? – we looked into it, but it would require too much human resources. Issues with legal stuff for copyright. We did consider having a contest for winners to submit thiers for artist to make. Well have to talk about it more. – Czech Tanks? – April might make you happy – Will we increase the number of skills? – it has been discussed. – Any option to increase the text size? – we will look into it. – Any of the old game modes? – we brought back a few already, we are talking about which one to bring back next. – Any update on FPS fixes for some maps? – the december update did address some of them for the newer consoles. Please send in a ticket for which console you are using – Any update on new player tutorials? – still being worked on – In-game kill counter? Custom reticle options? – still being worked on. Thats been on the wish list. – CW merc tanks? – it's a postability, nothing in the works right now. – Muti turret support? – yes its being worked on. We had a meeting on how to manage the camera and balance. We talked about having muti turret support as a separate package that turns on the system. Lots of different idea – Will silver boost come back for CW? – we can look into that. – Any plans to allow premium users to boost games like pc does? – no plans – Any plans to allow for 2 contracts at once? – we designed it for only 1 to be active but we could look into it.


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