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Lets Talk Kampfpanzer 50T

So I haven't seen much on this tank online which is surprising as so far it's probably one of my favourite mediums to use at tier 9. I thought I'd start a discussion on the tank and see what you lot think about it too.

If you haven't seen this tank or dont know about it, here's all you need to know. 250mm frontal turret armour and 8 degrees of gun depression is beautiful for ridge fighting. Spotting is only 390 so not amazing but once you get optics, vents, recon and sit Awareness you can start to spot for your team. As the speed is pretty good too, just not amazing terrain resistances and doesn't turn super fast so dont try to circle your opponents! 268 pen on standard and 310 on gold rounds is pretty decent, reload speed is just over 9 seconds and can be brought down with rammer, vents and BiA to about 7.5 seconds. Alpha of 320 isn't great but with the decent pen it's not all bad.

To deal with these things, just wait for your opponent to over angle the turret and your good, as it's paper thin on the sides.

Personally I really love this tank at tier 9, as I can contest good locations, and cover flanks if they are being lost to become the support medium I think it's supposed to be.

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The Leapard PT A is a fantastic chose for a sniping/support medium and admittedly I think it's better than the Kpz 50T. I just think with my own play style of aggressive plays and dirty brawling, I love the Kpz.

Equipment is debatable as there are a couple of different play styles with this. You can either go pure dpm, with rammer, vents and vert stabs. Or you can go ridge line brawling with the same thing, and change up the vert stabs for sprawl liner. Or you can even go active scout with optics, and camo, recon and situational Awareness skills.

Theres a lot of diversity in this tank I think, and compared to the PC version ot is actually classed as a premium tank so you get premium battle rewards! Great right?! Anyway, please go nuts and let us know what you think about this tank!


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