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LT-432 review / overview

Verdict on LT-432: Not worth crates or any price above 8k gold

  • The tank isn't bad, but it is definitely below average.
  • Only two things going for this thing: great camo values / small profile and the backwards speed at 30 is great. Everything else is pretty standard or below standard.
  • It has the lowest DPM out of all light tanks at the tier (even T49 with HEAT). 2.1k DPM SUCKS and you cannot farm as hard as other lights.
  • The pen is BAD. 175 might seem good at first, but remember it is APCR and has worse normalization than AP, which means it's a lot less lenient against tanks that have just about a threshold of 175mm armor and SUCKS against angled plating. A Tiger I is all red to you frontally. It's pretty bad.
  • Premium pen of 235 is pretty bad, but at least it is AP so it will do the job in most cases. Still worse than many tanks' standard rounds.
  • It has what feels like tier 7 light tank HP. Even a 190 alpha gun will hurt you really bad. A 640 alpha hit ruins your game immediately because a decent high roll (700+) will basically render you one-shot.
  • The armor got nerfed heavily, especially the turret, so pretty much anything with more than 170mm pen will butter right through the tank. The only slab of decent armor is the upper plate, it is paper thin everywhere else.
  • The gun handling, especially at distance, sucks because while you do have the best OTM dispersion values, the .36 accuracy with a rather slow aimtime fucks you when shots need to hit. Add the bad pen, it's a terrible experience and you'll be wishing you were in FV301 or Lekpz or the ltwt.

The tank is below average. It has less fun value than a T49, FV301, RU251 and Lekpz out-gun this thing by far and are almost as fast if not faster with more flexibility, and the Ltwt has a way better gun with more reliable armor. Simply said, it kind of sucks. It's useable, but it's no more than a rich man's poor man's medium. The gun doesn't behave, the pen is horrid, and there really isn't too much armor to talk about, and you'll wish the entire time that you'd picked up the T-54 Ltwt instead. Everything out-guns you, you'll get bodied by tanks with way more HP and DPM than you. You are basically reduced to second-line support or careful scouting because your gun sucks and you just won't be able to compete with mediums at all. It's a T-54 Lightweight Lightweight, and it just doesn't work because it's stuck in this confusing place where it is neither a light nor a medium and is way worse than both, unlike the Ltwt.

DO NOT confuse the blitz version with the OP PC WOT version of the LT-432. DO NOT buy this tank because of the PC WOT hype. They are fundamentally different tanks and you WILL BE disappointed.

Again, just because I said this tank was underwhelming does not mean you can't perform in it, but this is my assessment on the overall meta position of the tank and how much it is worth.


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