World of Tanks (WoT)

Many Changes to Update 8.2 (Long Post)

  • The Next Line with the PBR Textures will be that of the Kranvagn, both for the legendary camo of the Kranvagn will receive the same
  • New acumulative Avatars for Rating Battles Players (From Silver to Diamond League)
  • The British National Voice will be in Update 8.2, it will work for British and Australian Tanks with the Option "National Crew Voice" activated or on all tanks by changing language to British English

Big balance change to Tier X Tanks and others:

  • The "Improved Engine Power Boost" consumable will be nerfed, it will now give + 40% Engine Power, + 5% Chassis Rotation Speed, +5 km / h forward, all other parameters will not be touched
  • Kranvagn and the IS-4: 150 HP removed and some degrees of Turret Rotation Speed ​​will be more slower
  • FV215b – T110E5: Increased Reload Time and slower Turret Rotation Speed ​​(For E5)
  • Maus: Hit Points decreased from 3000 to 2850 HP (Without Equipment). Gun accuracy will be worse (not stonks for the average maus enjoyer)
  • WZ-113G FT: Armor will be Improved, mobility and accuracy will be slightly improved when rotating the chassis
  • T110E4: Armor improvement, turret rotation speed will be more better, and precision when turning the turret will be better
  • Object 263: Improved Hit Points, armor and chassis turn speed, but decreased accuracy
  • FV4005: Drum recharge will be 1 second faster
  • FV4202: Maximum speed increased to 60 km / h
  • E 50M: Improved cross-country ability and reload time
  • M48 Patton and M60: Reloads faster and will deal more damage

Homogenization of the armor is implemented as an additional coefficient applied to the armor numbers. Most tanks have a coefficient equal to 1 (same armor thickness as indicated in the statistics) but other tanks have the coefficient less than or greater than 1. From 8.2 the hidden coefficient of armor homogenization will be removed, now all tanks, without exception, will have it equal to 1. The thickness of the armor plates of those vehicles for which the Homogenization was greater or less than 1. will be adjusted. The performance characteristics of the armor will change slightly in number, while that in battle everything will be as before

Changes in the Economy:

Players inactive in random battles will not receive Experience or credits, 3 parameters will be checked:

  • -XP to inflict damage
  • -XP for helping allies
  • -XP for Active Shares

Each statistic will have a minimum bar so that each level, if in the 3 indicators a player receives less XP than the bar, he will not receive XP or credits. If at least one of the indicators is higher than the established minimum, the player will receive XP and Credits

Systematic improvements in the game economy will be initiated, the objective will be to balance the farming and development process, as well as to work on the negative emotions of the battles

We start at low levels. For levels I-VI, we decided to eliminate the cost of repairs, and for I-V (+ some VI-VII actions) the cost of non-gold shells; now repairs and non-gold projectiles will be free.

So that the exploitation of these tanks does not start reducing costs, we proportionally reduce the profitability of these vehicles. Therefore, the average farm pace will not change. The changes will affect all Tier 1-6 tanks, as well as some Tier 7 stock tanks. We will carefully analyze the results of this change and apply best practices to adjust the economy from medium to high.

Shop UI will be changed in Update 8.2


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