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Content of the article: "MEGATHREAD – BLACK FRIDAY DEALS"

Alright lads, Black Friday sales are UP! Time to get down to what is worth and what is not:

Basically: Purchase deals in the store (which are really good). Along with these deals are tickets, which you can use to buy further items in the event tab, such as boosters, XP certificates, and even tanks.

For what the deals actually look like,

Just note: NONE of the tech tree premium tanks are discounted as of now

Deals in the store as of now: (Deals include a tank and full equipment)

  • Panzer IV S, 1500 gold
    • Good Deal
    • A good deal for a great tank. Not exactly a Cromwell B, but 10 deg of gun depression, good turret armor, decent mobility, and sidescreens make this a great hulldown tank / sniper. If you don't have much gold, this should be the deal that you grab right off the bat.
    • 30 tickets
  • Type 64, 1500 gold
    • Not worth
    • If you are looking for a fast tier 6 light tank, you should have either gotten the battlepass (Agent) or gotten the Cromwell B, which are both superior.
  • FV201 (A45), 2500 gold
    • Not worth
    • Basically, a Black Prince and a Caernarvon mashup at tier 7. Strong turret, but it is kinda slow and has a paper hull. Boring hulldown play plus the superior armor of the Black Prince and the crackhead consumables it has makes this tank irrelevant.
  • ISU-122S, 2500 gold
    • Maybe worth
    • Basically, an armorless sniper TD with a 122mm of the SU-152. Quickfiring sniper when played right, but has a huge lack of hitpoints and cannot stand up to anything. A pure support tank at tier 7. The SU-122-44 or the Helsing is just a much better pick, along with other paper tanks like E25 and even Blaze are just much better. Only pick it up if you really love to snipe or play support.
  • VK 168.01 (P), 4.5k gold
    • Definitely NOT worth
    • It's a big huge tank with less side armor than Vk100, a thinner cupola than VK100, while also being larger than VK100. If you buy this, people will laugh at you.
  • T26E5, 5k gold
    • Maybe worth
    • There are better hulldown tanks at the tier, aka T54E2, but the T26E5 has really high DPM. Basically a Pershing disguised as a heavy tank, the T26E5 has high RoF and DPM, along with great turret armor. But in the end, the Action X is just a better tank.
  • Obj. 252U, 5k gold
    • One of the most broken and awesome Russian tanks in the game for 5k gold. Tier X armor, 420 alpha, decent mobility, and 200mm upper side armor makes this tank probably the best deal ever. I sure bought this as soon as possible.
  • T-34-3, 4.5k gold
    • Maybe worth
    • With the existence of the Chimera and the M4 Rev, this tank is no longer what it used to be. However, if you are looking for a challenging medium tank to play, or just love the playstyle of a T-34-2, this is the tank for you. This is just a challenging tank with no gun depression on a 400 alpha gun.
  • Lorraine 40T, 5k gold
    • Maybe worth
    • This tank is unique to tier 8. A four round 90mm autoloader that dumps tons of damage on a lightning quick platform. If you wanted a faster, better AMX 50 100, this is the medium tank to get. However, it does have a 20 second clip reload, which means that this tank is rather team dependent.
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Other tanks: in the tickets tab, for 250 tickets you can grab the Type 62, which is a good tank. So if you decide to buy enough of the above tanks to get the Type, be sure to grab that light tank. The subsequent deals after the Type 62 for tickets are: M4 Rev, Action X, and Skorpion G, although they require buying a ton of tanks. I would suggest to just wait until they are for sale, instead of buying other tanks that you don't need to get those tanks.

The only other things I would trade tickets for are XP certificates. Please don't buy boosters with tickets….

Keep all questions / comments on Black Friday sales below. Any extra posts on black friday will be REMOVED WITHOUT EXCEPTION.


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