World of Tanks (WoT)

Monsieur Pierre, the driver of a newly bought AMX 13 105, was frustrated that he can’t get his winrate above 46%.

Therefore, he was very excited when Monsieur Baguette, a legendary commander of French light tanks, was to become the commander of Pierre's AMX 13 105.

Brimming with excitement, when Pierre saw Baguette he earnestly shook his hand and asked Monsieur Baguette how good he was at commanding French light tanks.

"Well, Monsieur Pierre," Monsieur Baguette said, "I'll have you know I've been commanding French light tanks for over 5 years. One time I took out 4 enemy tanks that were rushing me singlehandedly. They stood no chance."

"Fascinating!" Monsieur Pierre exclaimed. "Tell me more."

"That will have to wait, Monsieur Pierre," Monsieur Baguette replied. "For we must head to our next battle, in Himmelsdorf."

Monsieur Pierre excitedly drove to Himmelsdorf, thinking of all the Ace Tankers and 3rd Marks he would receive and his appearance in Quickybaby's next video.

"Himmelsdorf is a rough map for a light tank," Monsieur Pierre said to Monsieur Baguette. "Nonsense," Monsieur Baguette replied. "But of course," Pierre hurriedly stated, "you, the famous Monsieur Baguette, should do excellently on this map."

When the battle commenced, Monsieur Baguette started giving out directions to Monsieur Pierre. "Forward. Turn right. Forward again. Turn left again. Forward. Stop here. Reverse backwards a little, and stop."

"Sir, if I may," Monsieur Pierre nervously said. "If my instincts are to be trusted, we are in the middle of the banana alley at Himmelsdorf."

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"And you're sure we'll succeed in this position? Sitting still?"

"Of course," Monsieur Baguette replied.

"Sir, exactly which French light tank have you been driving for the last five years?"

"Why, the most difficult French light tank, Monsieur Pierre. The one, the only, the AMX 40!"

Merde, Monsieur Pierre thought, as 152mm shells pierced his rib cage.


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