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My pitch on fixing MM to reduce steamroll games

Biggest problem with the current game: matches often last 2-3 minutes, ending in a complete steamroll where virtually no player feels rewarded for their skill or their efforts. Cause of the problem is due to a combination of deterioration of player skill, acceleration of the grind process (XP and credit boosters + certificates), and flawed MM characteristics.

Since the first two things can't be fixed…

How to fix MM without doing skill-based mm:

Fix #1: Have matchmaker treat light tanks the SAME as medium tanks, instead of differently. Currently we have light tank +1-1 AND medium tank +1-1, which results in lopsided AF games where say, enemy has 2 meds and 1 light, ur team has 1 med, or enemy has 2, one light one med, and ur team has no meds. Depending on the map this creates a HUGE imbalance between the teams where one team has the mobility to flank and do damage in a crossfire while the other team doesn't. Lights play a similar role to meds, so having them as a separate consideration just causes imbalance within the game.

**Have MM consider lights and meds as the same class and do a blanket +1 -1 matchmaking for tank types** (this actually lessens queue time for lights and meds)

Fix #2: Have role deviations for TDs and heavies. As we all know, TDs are split into glass cannon / support TDs (Grille 15, 183, Ho Ri type tanks) and medium tank assault / heavy tank type TDs (268, Foch 155, 263, E3, E4, Jageroo) which make ZERO sense to be matched against each other. Again, depending on the map, it might be highly advantageous to have an E3, while tanks like the 183 and Grille are almost always a hinderance to your team unless it's a camper map. Same with heavy tanks, split those into superheavies / frontline heavy tanks (Kran, E100, Maus, E5, IS-4, YOH) and support / heaviums (Chieftain Mk.6, 260, 5A, 50B, T57). Same concept here, it's simply unfair to have a team full of French heavies vs actual heavy tanks. Of course, not advocating for TDs to have the SAME HP as heavies, but just an extra 200-300 or so would help massively)

**Have MM reconsider heavies and TDs, split them into two different groups so matches are more even**

Fix #3: HP balancing for TDs depending on role. With the aforementioned fix #2, TDs will now have a much better time playing frontline against other frontline TDs or sniping against other sniper TDs. However, there remains a gigantic HP pool difference between heavies and TDs which must be bridged accordingly. Support and sniper TDs can remain at their current HP, but TDs that roleplay heavy tanks need a similar buff to HP to make them competitive against heavy tanks again. Tanks like E4, E3, Jageroo do not deserve to have medium tank HP against heavies that have almost 1000 more HP.

**Buff frontline tank destroyer HP accordingly and lessen HP difference between superheavy TDs and superheavies** (literally the most lazy fix WG can do to prevent steamrolls right now)

These three changes overall will help balance out tank types and tank roles on opposing teams, as well as slightly slow games down a bit to help mitigate steamrolling as best as possible without introducing anything to change the experience of a certain group of players.

Please keep in mind that these are just big ideas and I was only using tier X as an example.


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