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My problem with Annihilator at Tier VII…

Content of the article: "My problem with Annihilator at Tier VII…"

"Games are a series of interesting decisions"

-Sid Meier

I'm starting to LOATH any game now where the Annihilator (and to a lesser extent smasher) shows up as top tier in the game. It is even worse if there's more than one on each team…. because my decisions suddenly don't matter / aren't interesting.

I don't quit because I"m not going to hang my team out to dry, but I sure feel like I want to sometimes.

If Annihilator is top tier, the outcome of the game is now almost certainly in the hands of the Annihilator drivers. In my experience the team with the better Annihilator player has an exceptionally high chance of determining the outcome of the match, so much so that playing it out in any other role is tiresome / pointless / no fun.

If the game starts and the Annihilator on my team is AFK or just is just shooting rando rounds into the ground (sup with that…), that game almost certainly already over as we now have to face a team +1 Annihilator on us and that is just a huge mountain to overcome.

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World of Tanks Blitz is fun for me partly because there are so many roles to play and they all could impact the game in different ways. Light tanks, TDs, they can still contribute, take down heavies and such. Granted, IMO quality heavy tank play has a huge impact on outcomes in every game … but not nearly as much as the Annihilator does. Even if I'm playing and the heavy tanks on my team aren't great … I still hold out hope / can get some good games going.

Crappy teammate play is always an issue, but Annihilator tips the scales so much that it seems like games are over before they start.

Granted I've played some games with some random exceptions where we took down an Annihilator and won. Even Annihilator's getting killed isn't super rare in my experience, but the amount of effort it takes by lesser tanks usually means the other team is in much better shape and it's over.

Even now the inverse is true. If I'm on the team with the better Annihilator driver, I'm still not impacting the outcome. I'm just picking up what damage / shots I can, but really I'm kinda irrelevant at that point.

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The interesting decisions are gone in these situations.


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