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My rant about French tanks.

I wrote this a couple minutes ago, but I hope someone sees this and laughs. I’m weird, and when I found this out I was broken. Think about it though, it really clicked weirdly with me. I also mean no offense to any French tank designers or WG, but understand it however you please.

My angry rant about French tanks.

Ok, to start, look at the AMX 30 1er Prot. One thing is NOT special yet special about it. You’ll never guess it. I’ll wait.

It’s the freaking gun. The 100mm SA47. So, what’s so special yet not so special about the gun? The answer is the gun itself. It’s past, present, and future, to be exact. I really hope this doesn’t develop in the future, though. I’m going to cut the act, and get straight to the point. This gun. It has truly broken my mind. Have you noticed it’s used on 8 tanks in World of Tanks Blitz? Eight mothertrucking tanks. The French apparently lacked the creativity and brain to develop another gun that could possibly have improvements. This gun is used more than half the other guns in the game. This has truly broken my brain, realizing that most of the eights in the French line use the same gun. Check it out. AMX AC 48 has the SA47. AMX 50 100 has the SA47 but auto loaded. The light doesn’t, but you know what does? The AMX AC 46, AMX 50 120, Lorraine 40 T, B-C 25 t AP and normal B-C 25 t, and the flipping AMX 30 1er Prot. Either this gun is the only choice in French tank designing post WW2, or the French have a mental magnet to this gun. It seems strong, being a 100mm gun. High alpha, and good accuracy most of the time. This applies in mostly every use, and the autoloaders aren’t TOO special cases.

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This kind of broke my brain, and I started screaming into a pillow, but just think of this as how all of the French tank designers made some eggs randomly, each different from the last in shape, size, and taste, and then proceeded to slap each onto one singular, same, and indistinguishable slice of bread. That’s what I’d see as how the French (and WG, presumably) designed SO many tanks, so weird and different in characteristics and looks, and yet all proceeded to just say “F*** individuality, eat this f****** overused gun”.

Also, same goes with the DCA 45, which is on I think 5 tanks. Anyone else seeing things like this?


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