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My Unicum Guide to the SU-152

Content of the article: "My Unicum Guide to the SU-152"

As we all know, Soviet self propelled guns are famous for their massive dose of communism devilivered to the enemy by the 152mm communism launcher. The SU-152 is no exception. Many people decide to play as german glass cannon, sitting at the back of map delivering communism to capitalist American lights, Tea drinking British mediums, and Facist German lights. But today, I will show you the true way of using the SU-152.

A quick history about it

Soviet Designers wanted to fit a howitzer on the KV-1S chassis. They put the 152mm howitzer in a casemate. Several were present during the battle of kursk and earned the nickname of beast slayer for having the ability of blasting off the turrets of most german tanks with the blast force alone. Even if it did not penetrate, it would have been hull broken. The only armoured vehicle to survive a hit would have been the Ferdinand Tank destroyer. It was later replaced by the ISU-152

Ok, the tank stats

Just Ignore the armour, the only armour you have would be the gun mantlet. Do not bother with improved armor.

The mobility is the same of the KV-1S. Just a but slower than the mediums but slightly faster than the heavies.

The guns is a 152mm howitzer and a 122mm anti tank cannon. The 152mm howitzer has very good HE pen at 95mm when calibrated and will go through the rear of most lights from tier 8-6, the some fronts of mediums at tier 6, the sides and rears of mediums and lights from tier 8-6, the front of the KV-2, the lower front plates of KV-1S and SU-152, some sides of heavy tanks of tiers 7-6, the rear of most heavy tanks of tier 7-6, Nashorn to Rhm on all sides, the all sides but fromt of german tank destroyers, sides and rear of soviet tank destroyers 8-6, the sides and rear of all american tank destroyers from 8-6 (exception kf hellcat and jackson. Hellcat is all HE while jackson can be he through turret cheeks) and dont really know about the japanese tank destroyer line. The AP is average and will be second choice if unable to HE pen the mediums or lights. HEAT would be the last choice if it can not be ap penned such as agianst heavy tanks, self propelled guns, or german mediums. The 122mm is just an average soviet heavy tank gun but with a much better dpm. (My advice for the guns would be 122mm if you want a fast grind and love camping at the back which is boring or 152mm if you want a more enjoyable but longer grind)

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Now lets go on how to grind

If you love camping at the back of the map, grind the 122mm first since mobility is not the priority. Once getting the 122mm top gun, grind the engine to get to isu. Do not bother with the tracks, for it has no purpose

If you are the chad, grind the engine then tracks and (optional) grind the top gun 122mm for the isu. Mobility is key for the unicum playstyle that would be discused later on.


The average player would grind the top guns first faster grind and not having rng decide the fate of the battle. Do normal td stuff and knock off 400 hp. If some poor tank decides to be out in the open, unleash the dpm the tank has (highest in the tier) to shred it to peices. Rinse and repeat until you would have to sell it. I see this as a much more boring grind but more reliable way to getting damage. Ammo loadout will be the same as on other soviet tanks.

The unicum way is to roll with the lights or mediums. Always follow them. Frontline and shoot the unexpecting Chaffee with 152mm dose of communism. It would either be an insta kill or extremely crippled so the team could finish it off. If multiple tanks are infront of you, shake your hull. The only armour you have is the massive gun mantlet. If you cant pen the target with AP or HEAT, go for the HE for 300 damage to anger the wehraboo in his tiger ausf b. The shell is so massive that you are more likely to get ammoracks. If you are bottom tier and still see lights and mediums on enemy team, go with them still, as long you have support. If you are bottom tier and only mediums on enemy team, just go with the heavies and angerly splash he at them. Just a little tip, when going against a KV-2, rush it if you had a penetrating or crippiling shot first. Dont care about if he shoots you, you can out reload them by 3-6 seconds. Another tip is that the T29 has the same he weakness as does the T34 and T30 share. It is a hard shot but once it hits, it will hurt. This playstyle is more experince needed and does not garuntee victory or high damage. Ammo loadout would be 7/7/12.

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Tanks to take notice on

Soft targets would include german glass cannons, SU-100Y, all lights except soviets, british mediums, E25, Jackson, Hellcat, T25/2, All Sherman Varients except for the jumbo

Ones to avoid would be Smashers, other SU-152s, ISU-152s, maybe KV-2, Duel E25 or any high dpm platoons KV-4, VK 100.01p, T28

Advice for players: Choose the gun that fits you best. Other players might just snipe with the 152 (not recomended) or frontline with the 122 (Average, does not suite me). Just play the tank you like how too for it's class. Any edits or corrections needed, Comment down below.

The reason why I did this is that I average 1.7k damage and mastered it twice in one day.


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