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Nintendo Switch release: acceptable yet disappointing.

Content of the article: "Nintendo Switch release: acceptable yet disappointing."

I just tried the switch release of wot, i played around 20 games now and i have decided this rendition of wotb is possibly the worst one.

Now that does not mean that this port is unplayable nor does it mean it is unenjoyable. The game works as intended most of the time after all.

The first thing you notice when you boot up the switch version is that most of the visual bells and whistles are set to the max settings or high. This does look very pleasant to the eye.

What is not pleasing to the eye however, is the lack of proper anti-alliasing, and even less on the shadows, but it is not rare for a switch port to have jagged edges like this.

You are also not allowed to read any of the texts on the text channel, nor send anything in classic nintendo fashion, but that is to be expected. The problem here is the framerate, or rather the lack of choice between framerates. The game runs at a fixed 720p at capped 30fps.

Although stutters are blatantly noticeable, it seems to happen quite infrequently or when a tank blows its turret. The game in its ios form has never struggled to hit 60fps on max settings even when the iphone 6s was the newest iphone.

Sure there have been many changes in the details of the game, but this is a console specifically made for on the go gaming, i would have expected at least iphone 6s performance out of the switch.

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Now this would not be a problem if wargaming actually gave us the option to turn off shadows and whatnot to reach a steady 60. But they instead force you to play on 30fps with occasional stutters and hiccups.

Unfortunately i find it very very hard to play on 30 fps, since the game is played on 60fps on mobile although it does get better over time if i keep playing, i just cannot see the reason of why the devs just did not give us a choice.

The console is obviously capable of doing 60 fps if visual effects are not as much of a concern. The switch is obviously much cheaper than a new flagship phone, but then you’re getting a gimped version of the game in which you cannot text your teammates or use general chat, and you are stuck at 30fps or lower. And who doesn’t have a phone already?

The only reason i would see anyone pick this version over the ios is if you have kids and you don’t want them reading all the smut people say on the text channel, this is the perfect rendition. If you’re over 18 and you can take verbal abuse, just stay on your phone and stay on 60fps, the game looks just as good on mobile and the phones do produce better framerates than the switch, tested on the phones i owned in the last 5 years.

Iphone 6s, Iphone8, google pixel 3a and iphone 11. The ping is also consistently around 10~20 higher than my iphone 11, although further tests will need to be run in order to gain a wider range of data before making a conclusion.

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Overall it is a working port that does not fall short in actual playability, but just doesn’t bring anything near enough to the table for me to even consider switching platforms.

All in all, this port is good if you have a switch already, but its a pretty crappy port compared to the original rendition which is already more portable, looks smoother, and much more accessible. If you want to play this on the tv in docked mode, the game will render at 1080p which is nice, but then you could always just get a chromecast and buy an xbox controller, or better yet just build a crappy pc.

Edit: also the switch’s 8d joysticks are PERFECT for this game, as the joystick only understands 8 directions and these 8 directions are the exact ones that you use to control your chassis, it gives you the best experience by far when it comes to just driving your tank.


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