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People Who Complain About The Lack Of Teamwork

Content of the article: "People Who Complain About The Lack Of Teamwork"

I know complaining is popular on Reddit, but I get tired of all the negativity about teammates. I know I screw up and I guess my post is complaining on a whole new level, but people seem too focused on winning and scoring damage. I've seen this on Youtube constantly, and even those players seem to contribute to this. Play like this and you'll be a tanking GOD! Who really cares about their tank ranking worldwide? Really?

I played a game yesterday which was going great for the first couple minutes (I was in a Obj. 257), but as things progressed my teammates were dying left and right (4 total died in 10-20 seconds). The opposing team had sent a group of 5-7 tanks via the lake side of Prokhorovka which quickly overwhelmed us. I was the last survivor and figured my goose was cooked when I noticed a friendly Type 4 heavy just behind me. The player created a wall between me and the opposing group which allowed me to poke and kill the remaining enemy tanks. It was that fun tension that makes a game come alive. This strategic move not only saved my ass, but allowed me to continue on along the lake and peg the opposing arty. Had it not been for the Type 4 heavy making this move the game probably would have ended in defeat (and yes, I thanked him via message afterward).

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So here's my point. If you want others to work as a team-set the example. If you see a teammate being attacked-help them! Will the game end in a loss? Who f______ing cares? It's a game! Will you lose out on some XP or silver-who knows? My experience is that all the XP and silver is amplified by this approach and even if it isn't-you walk away knowing you did something right. You've also set an example to the other player(s) that working together is what its all about. If enough folks do this-it'll become a movement and we'll live happily ever after! Skipping the sarcasm-you get my point. It's easy to bitch about others, but it won't change ANYTHING! The game will remain toxic and we'll have no one to blame but ourselves. The game is a sandbox. Throw sand all you want, or build a castle…


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