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Premiums you should stay away from

When investing your gold in getting a new tank you always want to get the best deal possible, but there are times where the premium tank that's being sold is actually worse than the tech tree tank you can get for free. Now I will give some examples of tanks you want to avoid at all costs for this same reason.

Disclaimer: I won't include premiums from tiers X / IX since they are all well balanced, unlike lower tiers where there are vey poor tanks.


Not a bad tank, but it's like a worse T-43 or T-34-85 Rudy. The only advantage is slightly better mobility and turret armour, but the drawbacks are significant: worse gun handling and depression than the other two, and especially less dpm than the Rudy.

VK 45.03

Agian, a decent tank, but it's just not as good as the Tiger I and Tiger (P). The gun is a bit better, but the armour is significantly weaker, which combined with the average mobility make it not worth it in my opinion.

IS-2 (1945) and Pravda SP

Basically clones of the IS with worse armour.

Panther 8.8

A Panther II with slightly better gun handling but worse armour, not worth it when you can have the same for free.


The same issue as above, you pay for a tank that you can get for free, the only major difference being the credits it earns.

T-54 Prot.

Like a T-44-100 with better armour but worse gun and mobility. Not the ideal purchase.


The only advantage it has over the 110 is that it has more alpha, the tech tree counterpart beats it at everything else.

VK 168.01 (P)

A clone of the VK 100 with a weaker armour profile.


Lowest dpm of the tanks with similar playstyle, and terrible mobility. The IS-6 has better gun handling than the IS-5 and IS-3, but falls behind in every other aspect. Taking into account the IS-6 is the more expensive of the two premiums I'd say it's the worst. The T-2020 could be its competition but it has better armour, speed and dpm.


A KV-4 that lacks armour and has worse dpm and dispersion. It has a better mobility but it's still a huge slow piece of garbage. Probably the one I recommend the least of this list.


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