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Questions for unicums – Playstyle, mindset, etc.

Content of the article: "Questions for unicums – Playstyle, mindset, etc."

The thing I enjoy most about this type of game is becoming better at it and trying to master it. I try to learn by watching better players like Vishaw, Turkeytank, Cloneguy, Lemmingrush, etc. I've been getting better and can occasionally play a full day in many different style tanks at unicum level. The problem is I haven't nailed down a proper mindset that works more consistently and there's some things I'm not entirely clear on.

I understand every situation/tank is different and these questions may not have a perfect or single answer. I'm just curious what you have to say. You don't have to answer all of them.

So my questions are as follows:

  1. What was the skill or change in play style that made you jump to a unicum level player? Basically, what in your mind separates someone like me at wn8 2300 to someone at wn8 3300?

  2. How do you cater your play style in regards to benefitting the team? Are you actively trying to support your team/map control? VS Supporting your game/stats which by extension support your team.

  3. Are you usually swearing and screaming constantly or generally more relaxed/ having fun? I seem to play best when I'm in a good mood (which is fucking rare playing this game these days).

  4. Kills vs Damage. Which is more important to you? Do you generally target to finish off one shot enemies or would you try to gain a full damage shot.?

  5. What is your favorite feature of a tank? It's DPM?armour?speed? Etc.

  6. Are you constantly worried about arty and adjusting to play arty safe? Or do you generally try to ignore it and accept the inevitable bullshit that it exists in a match.

  7. Keyboard and mouse? Or controller?

  8. What type of players bother you most vs what do you respect In a good player.

  9. How did you learn to become so skilled? Mostly from experience or learning from your mistakes/ better players.

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I apologise if these are asked constantly.

Lastly , If your feeling even more generous I got a link to my youtube in my bio with some replays if you feel like giving any pointers or comments. Not trying to promote or anything. If anyone doesn't mind their stats going to shit because I'm dumb Im open to platooning with someone who can teach me stuff.


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