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r/WorldOfTanksBlitz Flair Rework

A lot of y'all don't know how to use the flairs correctly, so we decided we'd change em up. Might be confusing for the first few days, but it should be simpler in the long run. We've gotten rid of a few, but also added some new ones! Here's the list:

The One's We've Kept:

  • RNGesus: for media posts that feature those moments of truly spectacular RNG. Your across the map no-scope? That random ammorack? A turret landing in a stupid place? This flair is for that.
  • Tech Tree Tuesday: for the Tech Tree Tuesdays (as if they're ever on a tuesday). The flair for those long, detailed guides on entire tech trees. There's no way we were getting rid of this, it's classic.
  • Team Shame Tuesday: for those times you wanna post an image featuring your team's truly horrible damage numbers. It's the Tuesday event that actually gets used, no reason for removal here.
  • After Battle Result: for the images of battles you wanna show off. It's used for any image of those After Battle screens and videos of battles. They require the usual 2-3 sentences of explanation of the events of the battle.
  • WG Community Manager News: for posts made by the Wargaming Community Manager. They're not really active here much anymore, but we'll keep it around for posterity.
  • Rant: for complaining about the game and your foibles. It's self-explanatory, you know what it's for.
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The One's We're Adding/Replacing:

  • Humor: for images and videos of a humorous nature about the game. Your memes and "cool" compilation videos about the game go here. If they're neither funny, nor cool; sucks, make better posts.
  • Tank Porn: for images, videos, art, and LEGO MOCs about tanks and World of Tanks Blitz stuff. Those random crossposts from r/TankPorn? Your drawing of a tank? A screenshot or wallpaper of those Blitz splash arts? This is the flair for that. I better not see any of your mock-ups of fake tanks under any other flair.
  • Balance & Discussion: for text posts discussing the game and the current state of the game meta. Talk about your favorite tanks or speculate on the upcoming here. It's taking the place of discussion, but aimed distinctly at the game.
  • News & Leaks: for posts about news and leaks about the game. It's News, and Leaks, combined! Self-explanatory too, but for clarification, News & Leaks posts about information that has already been revealed in an earlier post will be deleted as spam.
  • "Needs Advice": for posts seeking help on how to play a tank, which tank is better, and other such questions. This takes the place of Question. Furthermore, if you are asking how to play a tank, put the tank's name in the title. Not only does it make it easier for others to find in the future, it makes it easier for people to assist. If you're replying to these kinds of posts, ensure the advice you give is not only sound, but actually useful.
  • YouTube: for YouTube videos. Sharing a Bushka vid or whatever other big channel it doesn't matter.
  • Advertisement: for sharing your channel, clan, or whatever. If you're looking for clanmates, or wanna show off your Twitch or YouTube.
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We'll be lenient for the first few days after the rework, but will go back to deleting wrongly-flaired posts soon after. Don't forget to join the subreddit discord:


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