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Returning after FIVE YEARS. Hoping to be pointed in the right direction!

Content of the article: "Returning after FIVE YEARS. Hoping to be pointed in the right direction!"

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Hey all! A couple of my friends recently bought PCs and have expressed interest in one of my favorite games, World of Tanks. I played every day for two years from 2013-2015, but gave it up after feeling lonely. I just reinstalled the game and discovered my last game played was Sept. 2nd, 2015. Crazy.

So, back in the day I was extremely interested in clan wars and wanted to show up with competitive tier IX/X tanks, and ran through the lines necessary. I can only imagine how awful some of these tanks might be now. So, I was really hoping someone could get me up to speed on the strength of different vehicles in competitive play.

Is there an up to date tier list? I found

but if there's something a bit more up to the times I'd love to see it.

What tanks/lines should I consider abandoning? Some tanks just aren't good, and I don't want to waste my time leveling them or continuing the line if they're more trouble than they're worth. My current garage includes:

  • Tier 9: M103, T54E1, T49, Jagdtiger, T-54, AMX 13 90

  • Tier 8: T32, M41 Bulldog, IS-3, KV-4, Obj. 416, AMX 50 100, B-C 12t

And a smattering of lower tier whatevers. I'm much more poised to finish these lines out than the others, so I'm hoping that at least a few might culminate in worthwhile tanks!

Are any of my premium tanks considered worthwhile for farming? I'm going to be spending a LOT of time in the lower tiers while my friends work through them, so I'm hoping to use that time to grind credits. I've received a lot of random premiums over the years, so I'm confused as to which are useful or not. My premium tanks are:

  • Tier 8: FCM 50t

  • Tier 6: SU-100Y

  • Tier 5: T14, Matilda IV, Valiant

  • Tier 3: 43 M. Toldi III, BT-7 Artillery, T-116, T-29

  • Tier 2: T7 Combat Car, T-45, Type 97 Te-Ke, TKS z n.k.m. 20mm

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And that's all I can think of for tank related questions. I have a LOT of research to do for the different equipment, missions, blueprints, and all this other crazy stuff but I can get a grip on all of those as my friends and I play. I'm just mostly looking for advice on how to improve my garage and not waste too much time. If anyone got this far, thank you so much for taking the time to read, and offer advice! I'm super interested to see different opinions on what tanks are worth the time or not.


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