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Sandbox HE + Artillery Changes – For Artillery Haters and Lovers


– Less direct damage, on the primary shell, is good for the game, as it is less punishing to the receiving players (don't know why the alternative HE shell is so much higher, when )

– New arc ange, on the alternative HE shell, is a lot more comfortable but the speed nerf negates the whole point. AND, the tier 5 sub-150 mm howitzer splash radius is overly punishing.

– Added damage, on the AP shell, is still pointless, since you rarely ever hit with them, and still amounts to less damage than the alternative HE.


So, I've been testing off and on, this week and I started played more than just my GW E 100. In short, the changes on this sandbox for artillery are as follows:

Sandbox Arty 2.0 Changes

Standard HE shell took another -10% damage nerf

Alternative HE shell got a higher arc

Alternative HE shell took a -10% kph speed nerf

AP shell got a +9% damage buff


Point #1: I have no idea, where the people in Minsk learned to do data analysis, but they should be ashamed. The article ( https://worldoftanks…s-and-spg-2021/ ) is just bereft with b.s. numbers. Case in point, notating that the new artillery shells turned into a 2/3 drop in stun use. IF you create a sandbox, solely for the sake of testing, and you introduce two new shells, that do not have stun, it is basic math to derive a loss in stun application. That doesn't mean that players gravitated to that, because artillery players themselves do not like the stun effect. It means that players did what WarGaming wanted and tested the shells. As someone that put in almost 200 games, I can attest that the bulk of my shell usage (IF THIS GOES LIVE) is still going to be the base shell because:

– 1) It gives me assistance damage

– 2) It has a larger blast radius, which provides higher damage uptime

– 3) The stun effect is a great benefit to my team

– 4) It has the best arc available, thus making it better on maps with a lot of terrain variations and/or things that might block shell pathing

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– 5) It provides the most income, in return, because of all of the reasons above

What's more, if you move beyond the artillery portion, WarGaming had the gall to say that 70% of the player base is happy with the HE changes. I don't often agree, with Quickybaby, but the HE changes are not good. They're not awful but it is going to make the already powerful tanks that much more powerful. More to the point, I'm trying to figure out why they felt that EBRs needed MORE HE damage. In short, I'm not shocked but I'm disappointed.

Point #2: The lower damage, on the standard shell, is ok. In my GW E 100, I was averaging direct hits between mid 300s to mid 500s. In my T92, I was doing about the same but with an additional +100-200 damage on top of that (just beaned a 121 for 686). So, for those that hate artillery, your single target damage numbers on the receiving end will be a little less and might be a bit more acceptable.

NOTE: I just penned, the backside, of a Badger, for 840 damage (T92) and penned a Kranvagn, for 1,307 (GW E 100). The T92 was a low roll and the GW E 100 was a high roll, based upon the damage numbers, but that gives you an idea of what a full pen would be, with the new numbers. Both shells were the alternative HE. On the Badger hit, it was on Fjords and I was on the North spawn with the Badger sitting at the heavy corridor obviously facing away. With the Kranvagn hit, this was on Himmelsdorf and I was parked on the North train station and hit him, as he was parked in the middle of the hill.

Point #3: Where I dislike the new standard shell is on the lack of added splash radius. As it stands, the new changes result in a -20% damage nerf, compared to Live. Lower numbers are fine. I've gone on record, and will again, saying that I would suggest another reduction of -10 to -20%. I don't feel like artillery should ever hit, for more than 250-300 on a direct hit. BUT, I also think that the splash radius needs to be increased. The whole point, of the "stun" shell, is to be single target inefficient BUT be multi-target effective. With the new changes, they're achieving making it a little less efficient but the difference in numbers, compared to live, aren't that major. The changes, though, still do NOT make artillery area saturation focused. In my opinion, this is a big oversight. Increasing the blast radius, of a tier 10 artillery, to 15-18 meters but reducing its damage by 1/3rd or more would make balanced, for team play, and would make it less punishing against individual targets.

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Point #4: The lack of blast radius, on the alternative HE shell is pathetic. The GW E 100 has less blast radius than the tier 3 Sturmpanzer I "Bison" (and all of the other 15 cm guns). I had a game, on Friday on Live in my Hummel, where I fired 11 shells and did damage with 1. RNG can be extremely punishing. Calling a shell "tactical" and it being tactical, are two different things. Adding 2-3 meters of splash would not make it punishing, and they could even stand to drop the damage down. At the end of the day, the shell should be a viable alternative. Having what amounts to 60 seconds, on a miss, is stupidly punishing. I've had games, where the only shell type that I took was the alternative and I came out with under 600 damage, due to misses. I've missed back-to-back shots, on a spotted AFK T92, with that shell.

I should note that the loss of damage, due to the restrictive nature of the shell, amounts to -72%, versus the shell on Live. If you compare it to the premium shell, it is over -80%. That is freaking horrible. The point isn't to highlight the loss of damage, because the point of the shell is different. The point is that the extreme inconsistency, of the shell, means that you're either doing very little damage OR you're missing entirely. When tier 10 SPGs have a 30 second reload, you cannot afford, to miss, because your team depends upon you helping.

Point #5: The new arc is a lot more comfortable, on the alternative HE shell. What I do not understand is why I can't choose, my flight arc. If the STRV and new Panzer medium can shift into siege mode, why can I not shift arc modes? That would actually add some thinking into a category of players that unfortunately lack a great deal of thinking. How hard could it be to code that?

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Point #6: AP shells are absolutely pointless. If the lack of splash, on the alternative HE shell is punitive, how about 0 splash and less average damage than the alternative HE shell? It is great, that DezGames had a 3k damage game, with nothing but AP rounds. But, he also states that it took 10 games, to break 1k damage, with a full loadout of AP. It is such a massive RNG fest and it isn't worth queuing up, outside of the most restrictive corridor maps. But, that brings up another point of how map restrictiveness is bad for the game and how the low arc now circumvents some of the changes – case in point, the AP shell now allows SPGs to avoid the Zeppelin obstacle, on Redshire (IF you can hit). And, again, the AP shells deal less damage than the alternative HE shell, so what is the point?


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