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So, is the 121 the most pointless tier 10 Medium? Let’s talk about it

Content of the article: "So, is the 121 the most pointless tier 10 Medium? Let’s talk about it"

TL;DR at the bottomt if you dont want to read everything, which is fair, but PLEASE atleast read the words right below.



So i want to start by saying: I think this tank is average as is now, which is fine, and i dont want it to be a super competitive tank. What i want it to be is special or unique in some way, as every other Tech Tree Tier 10 Medium has something which makes them unique and worth getting, except the 121. Below i compare it to the 430U and UDES, not to show it is a bad tank (it isnt after buff, its average) but that its boring, and completely pointless in its current condition, and should be one of the first tanks WG remake this year.


So im sitting here high af and im playing the 121, and i cant for the life of me figure out a reason for it to be in the game other than it fills the tier 10 medium quota for the chinese.

Its DPM is nice i guess but nothing special.

The 440 Alpha is no longer unique, aswell as 2 other Mediums who have the same alpha but is straight up better.

The 121…. it has nothing.

Its slow but NONE of the armor to show for it (unlike the 430U) and the UDES is fast af. You cant even solve the speed problem by mounting a Turbo as you need Rammer, Vents and Vert Stabs, and if you where to remove one then it should only be for Coated Optics.

Has god awfull side armor that most HE shots can easily pen (no spaced armor) and you will realise quickly its actually a big problem when you play it. (121 drivers will know what i mean)

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The turret armor is non existent VS TD's and premium ammo from anyone.

It has significantly worse Aim time than the 2 mentioned (430U and UDES)

It has worse turret armor than the both of them. The 430U having over 300MM effective at the cheeks while the 121 has 250. While the UDEs with a slight use of gun depression is literally unpenetrable due to angling.

The reason i mention this is because those 2 tanks are its direct competitors.

LOOK, i love the tank (or i used to anyways), i even have a game i sent to my favorite WoT youtuber be featured on his channel, i had 7.2K DMG in my 121 which is my highest ever.

But the tank is boring and pointless.

Every other tech tree medium has something that is niche to it, is special to it, or makes it stand out in some way.

The 430U is the most flexible and well rounded

The UDES is incredibly good in very niche situations and really bridges the GAP between TD and mediums, its something completely unique and fun to play.

the Patton has laser accurate gun handling and 👌tremendous👌 aim time making it the best snapshotting tank in the game

STB-1 has the Hydraulic Suspension on the platform of a normal medium tank making it very flexible and easy to use, ASWELL as having the potential to go over 4000DPM

the CS-63 is a cute lil fastboi :3 , infact it sees play in Clan Wars

the OBJ-140 is an incredibly well rounded mediumtank with great DPM, like a 430U but with more DPM and less armor for more mobility

I could go on.

Look, im not asking for it to be Meta or be really good or something, i am just asking for it to have something, something that makes it stand out from the rest, something that gives us a reason to play it over the other tanks. That is all.

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The biggest crime a game can commit to me is to be boring. I have played bad games but had fun, i have watched god awfull movies but had fun. But to be boring is the worst thing any game or movie or series can do, as they are designed to waste time, you watch a show because you have time to spare, you play a game because you have time to spare. The 121 commits this crime and then some.

Sorry for spelling mistakes, have a good weekend my dudes ✌️

TL;DR: The tank is boring.

TL;DR: My solution. Give it the choice of the 122MM and the 130MM that the 5A has, but balanced to the 121. The goal isnt to make it very competitive, but unique and worth getting. It would then be the highesr Alpha medium again like it was before, thus making it unique and worth getting. Give the 130MM gun 1Degree of Gun depression like the 121 had back in the day, and give it bad gunhandling, for the tradeoff by having 490 Alpha, the highest of any medium tank.

Edit: Would you guys be interested in a video where i talk about the 121 more in depth?



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