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Some basic battle pass math

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We have 80 levels, with each level taking 10 chips to unlock, therefore in order to complete every level will require 800 chips.

Missions give chips, and you have 10 (or 11) missions, each with varying amounts of chips given.

You have one mission that gives 10 chips, two that give 5, one with 3, and one with 2. I'm calling these high reward missions. If you get a premium pass, you get another mission that gives 10 chips. Then you have another five missions that give only 1 chip. I'm calling these low reward missions.

The number of chips given also varies by difficulty, with easier missions higher up on the list giving more chips. This means that the easiest missions will give you the majority of the chips on that day.

Completing only the high reward missions gives you 25 chips per day, with the low reward missions giving in total 5 chips per day. The premium pass gives you another 10.

This event takes place over 28 days (Sept 1-28), so you have 28 days worth of missions to get the 800 chips to complete the event. 800 chips divided by 28 days is ~28.57, so you need to acquire 28.57 chips per day to complete the event.

The f2p missions will give you 30 chips/day in total, which means that it is entirely possible to complete the event as f2p. It's also feasible to complete the event while also skipping the platoon/ratings missions, resulting in 29 chips/day, but this will require you to complete every single other mission to get you to level 80.

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If you skip the low-reward missions, you will end up with 25 chips/day, which will get you to level 70. (25*28=700, 700/10=70) This will net you a decent payout, but you miss out on the T9 and T10 research certificates, which are probably the most important rewards for most people. That said, you can also probably count on WG giving out bonus codes for free progress like they did last battle pass.

If you buy the premium pass, you get the premium mission for 10 chips/day. Once again skipping the low reward missions, you can easily get 35 chips/day, which will easily get you to level 80 before the end of the event.


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