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Some of the Crew 2.0 stuff is Effin stupid

Edit: added a list of a few different features in case anyone doesn’t wanna watch the vid. This is NOT A COMPREHENSIVE LISF of changes! Their bid just dropped on it and… Basically, if the update came out today as is, it would force you to manually convert all old crews into the new crew configuration, but any tank using the old crews would have no perks active, and they’d gain no XP? Like, why force me to manually convert 76 crews, or even MORE for people like tank collectors, for every tank in my garage if they won’t even WORK without conversion?

I’ll be honest, overall I like most of the new Crew 2.0 changes because they’re a LOT like the WoTConsole crews, and while I have played WoT PC for 6 years, I’ve also played WoTConsole for 7, so I’m pretty familiar with the basic concept of one unified commander, More so than I would expect most WoTPC players are.

Oh, also, sixth sense is now on all crews by default

Figured I should put more stuff here to actually talk about it

All crews are automatically trained to 100% when recruited, free of cost. They are also trained for all premium vehicles of the same type and nation (in other words they can still be changed to different premium vehicles and such), and up to two researchable or collector vehicles of the same type and nation. This will also allow crew to be changed without being actually compatible (the example they show beforehand is that an E100 crew has 2 loaders and a Tiger II has one, but now that doesn’t matter anymore)

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Crews can reach a level of up to 75, with each level granting a perk point to be spent on a selection of perks including some old, and some new ones. These perks can be leveled up to 10 times (there’s an exception I’ll cover later) to increase its effect. As I said above, if you level each perk to ten to get the max effect, you can have a total of 7.5 skills/perks trained.

Unique crew members like Chuck will be converted to “instructors,” when when applied to a tank can provide bonuses to their XP gain and allow some perks to be leveled past 10

There are like 5 categories for perks, these essentially consist of the old crew roles. They aren’t named as such but it’s essentially just Commander, Radio Operator, Driver, Gunner and Loader. Once a category has 30 skill points in it, you can activate a special perk which has situational bonuses

Because your entire crew is represented by one commander (for the record you still HAVE a whole crew, but it’s all managed under a single member now), personal training manuals will be converted into the universal manuals, since they’re now used on a single tanks.

There’s a fucking perk now that increases vehicle handling when enemies are within 50 meters of you which I honestly think is fucking stupid just because it’s such a weird and unnecessary thing to have.

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