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State of silver earning, an unpopular opinion

Alright I’ve seen a lot of posts on “the state of the silver economy”. Now, first thing first, I agree that Cold War is far too expensive. I have no problem with the tanks being as much as they are, but the modules are a little much. As the way it sits, I see each CW tank as 0.5 tier upgrades starting at tier 8. My opinion on it, take it as you will.

Now, for the elephant in the room. I have had absolutely no problem earning silver since the consumable price reduction.

Premiums: I can easily earn 70-150k silver a game in just about any tier 8 premium. Does it suck that consumables get auto detected? Sure. But they literally cost half of what they costed in the past. I use food, and why consumables on every premium I’m using for silver grinding, and make the silver amount posted before.

Tech tree: Now maybe this is where people are complaining. On a loss, it seems that silver earning has taken a dump. But, if you don’t waste premium rounds except for when you absolutely NEED them it seems income can be around 20-30k for a moderate win using food and 2 whites. If you loose, and die without doing much of anything you will hemorrhage credits but I don’t see an issue with that? You loose credits for using premium consumables in all 3 slots you will not net very much profit, but that’s a choice you make right? You don’t NEED the premium repair or med kit.

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Do give you an idea of my skill level my 90 day wn8 is 3404, or unicorn currently. Feel free to call me naive or call me out on my bs bellow, but I don’t see an issue with the way the silver economy is at the moment. It really is not much different than it was, I just feel people might have the rose tinted glasses on. Again, Cold War modules are bs, and the mode feels boring and unpolished, but that has nothing to do with the silver income if you don’t play it. I want to actually talk about this, want people to have an open mind and not go “UpDaTe BaD”. That is not how you convince a company to make changes

So that’s kinda my basic o


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