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Stop Camping As A Heavy

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Ive been grinding my Waffle today in a lot of unrated games. However, i have played atleast 10 games in tier 10 where at least 1 heavy decided to camp at the back of the map.Heres why you shouldnt camp in a heavy:

1) You're a heavy. You're suppost to go onto the front of the battlefied and trade shots with the enemy and try to tank shots for your teammates. If you want to play like a tank destroyer, play like a tank destroyer. One game in tier 10 a platoon of AMX 50 Bs decided to camp at the back of the map on alpenstadt. Even though you have shit armor, you have to know how to play the french heavies and exchange shots without being a pussy and camping at the back of the map

2) Heavy campers almost always take the spots most ideal to tank destroyers when deciding to camp. In the same game mentioned above, the AMX platoon took the 2 spots most ideal for tank destroyers to camp in, forcing me and the grille on our team to go with the mediums to avoid being out in the open and getting HE'd to death. Another game on Dead Rail, an E100 of all tanks and an IS-8 camped at the front of the spot at the edge of the map on the heavy side, and since there are not many other spots in the mostly open half of the match, i had to play far back and only occasionally peek. We lost that game 1-7 and the IS and E-100s corpses were in the same place at the end of the match they had been in all game. After the game I checked and they both had under 2.5k battles, which is another problem.

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3) Heavy camping becomes a detriment to the team in multiple ways. First off, a heavy camping, especially a superheavy like the germans, is 1 less heavy out on the battlefield to soak up damage and prevent the enemy heavies from advancing. The poor IS-7 was the only one up front in the dead rail game, and once he got shot down we were toast. Secondly, heavies camping in the back of the map puts the paper tank destroyers on their team out of the game by not allowing them to shoot. Without a good position, us tank destroyers become open targets to every enemy if we decide to peek out for even a couple seconds.

tl,dr dont camp as a heavy because its 1 less heavy on the frontlines and it fucks the tank destroyers


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