World of Tanks (WoT)

Tanking delights and angers

I came back to the game after a break just in time to see the new and improved 6.0 with Vineyards, proper killfeed, colors etc. and I've honestly, genuinely been enjoying myself, I have a good time with the game almost every single session, and when I don't, I just call it a day and look forward to the next. I think the game has come light-years from the absolute disaster that was 6.0 launch in every single way, and that feeling isn't diminished by the usual retort; it wouldn't need to improve if it wasn't so bad to begin with. It was really damn bad, but now it's (arguably) pretty damn good again.

I know all this, I tell it to myself all the time and sometimes to others, yet the instant they change anything at all, my immediate reaction is anger and frustration that they're poking around with the game again – just let it be already!

Yeah, the change might be just a letter to the name of tanks I rarely even pay attention to, or it could be something that's objectively improving the game, but I almost instinctively remember the optimism I had before Christmas, the anticipation for these awesome improvements the Devs are so excited about, and the absolute disbelief that was the 6.0 nuke. I feel like I lost all faith in their judgment or interest even on the simplest of matter.

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And now I feel like I'm almost refusing to acknowledge that they learned a lot from it.

I love this Sub-Reddit and I love the game. I love chatting random stuff, supporting others, answering questions and just memeing it up in here, and I want to go back to where I can discuss changes or balancing or, anything at all about the game, without being sarcastic at best, aggressive most of the time and straight up hell-bent on negativity at worst.

I just kinda felt like I need to vent it all out and sort of organize my thoughts, a self reflection I got from our man u/1em0nhead going from literally having his ability to play the game at all removed, to making a comeback and bringing back some community events and interactions to the Sub-Reddit, and trying to rebuild some burned bridges – that, and I'm positive my wife's hearing turns off at the slightest hint of World of Tanks after 6.0 rant-apocalypse, so I'll vent here, where maybe someone can even relate a little with my emotional rollercoaster of Tanking.

Literally the worst TED Talk ever, I know.


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