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The campaign guide – A player’s perspective

The reason I wrote this article is to help the people who are new to the campaign. I've seen some questions about it so I decide to bring them together. I’ll share some experiences and useful websites.

This is not the “ultimate” clan war’s guide. I do not know much about the concepts from the clan’s perspective(Landing, Bidding….). This is more from a player’s perspective: What you should do to get a tank and have fun.

  1. What is campaign?
    Campaign is the most intense and rewarding event in WOT, it usually lasts for 2 weeks and you need to devote every night from 7-12 CT to acquire enough personal fame points to get the tank. Compared to ranked battles(6/8 weeks for a tier 9) or frontlines (3 weeks in a span of 3 months for a tier 9), you could get a tier 10 reward tank and all other goodies (Unique camos, female crews…) in two weeks.

  2. Am I good enough to get the reward tank?
    IMO, any player with blue recents (>1600 recent wn8 on wotlab) are competent enough to get the tank. You just need to join a good clan.
    Use the above link as a reference to join a clan. Basically people in the first 100 clans all have a chance to get the tank. However, the better the clan is, the more members get it.
    You could also use the clantools website to see how many tanks the clan pulled during the last campaign.

  3. Is it too late now to join a clan?
    There are still many clans recruiting. So if you really want it, make a move now! And you need to join the advances now to get used to the strategies and also get yourself acquainted.
    BTW, if you are considerably better than the players in the clan, you are always welcome even after the campaign starts.

  4. What tank shall I get to get picked in roster?
    In short, 140 and 277. Secondary 430U and Super Conq. Those are the tanks getting picked in almost every battle. (Though someone I knew only played 430U during last campaign, you want to maximize your chances of getting picked don't you?)
    There are several roles in a clan war. (Tanks in the bracket are the alternatives)
    Spotter: EBR105 (LT100t)
    Multi-roles: 140/907 (430U Chieftan)
    Breakthrough: 277/260 (WZ1115a)
    Ridge Fighter: Chieftain, STB, Super Conq (M48 Patton)
    Anchor: 279e, VKK, 430U (IS7, E3, 268E4, Badger)
    Sniper: Leopard, Strv103B
    Arty: Churchil GC

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Clan wars are all about vision, map control and map rotation. So speed is a major factor in picking the tank. The reason to get 140 and 277 is because they take the majority of the roster.
Even though arty and EBR are tech tree viable tanks, they only take 3-4 positions in a 15 tank roster. And they are usually played by the trusted players in the clan. The rest 11-12 tanks are picked among 140/277/Chieftain. Maybe 1 or 2 anchor/sniper depending on the map. If your clan doesn’t have enough Chieftains, Sconq might be a replacement.

  1. What is basic, advanced, elite front?
    The first few days most clans fight on the basic front, then the better clans move on to advanced front. Only few of the top clans fight on the elite front.
    You get a lot more PFP fighting on advanced front and elite front.

  2. Personal fame points (PFP)
    6.1 How you gain PFP?
    You gain PFP by playing a battle, either win or loss.
    You will not lose your PFP. (Unless you invest it in fame booster)
    Each member on the same team gets same base PFP. (Before PFP booster) So your individual
    stats don't matter! All you need is winning.
    A technical win/loss(One of the team does not show up) will not give you any PFP.
    A win on the basic front gives you around 150-200 PFP, a loss gives around 25 PFP, and a draw
    yields around 100 PFP.
    A win on the advanced front gives around 1000 PFP, a loss gives around 200 PFP, and a draw
    yields around 600-800 PFP.
    6.2 How do I keep track my PFP?
    Once campaign starts, in the game client campaign section, you could find your current PFP, also you could buy your PFP booster there.
    To find how many PFPs you gained after a battle, you could go to your personal webpage at There will be a section for “Metal Wars” once the campaign is started. You could find your position in alley of fame at WOT website. Besides, you could also use and to see how your clan mates doing.
    6.3 How should I invest my PFP for the fame booster?
    Here is a post that I find very useful.
    Generally speaking, if you are aiming to get a tank(12000-1500 PFP), invest until level 4(Buy the 1000 one). You invest it from level 1 once you have the PFP.

  3. Clan fame points (CFP)
    The clan gets CFP by winning battles, capturing province, etc.
    Generally speaking, the CFP your clan has in the end decides the rank of your clan, which
    decides the personal reward bond multiplier and in-game gold to your clan’s treasury.
    Here is a link to the alley of fame of last campaign.
    For example, you clan finished as 5th in the clan alley of fame, and you finished as 10th in the personal alley of fame. You will get 1000*6 bonds then. Plus 90000 gold will go to your clan’s treasury

  4. How will the games pop?
    If you've done tournaments before, it's the same.
    The officers in your clan will plan for several landing tournaments on provinces every night. For each tournament, if you win your game, you move to the next round, until you lose or you win the land.
    All in all, you need to keep winning to get more PFP. For example, if you win a landing tournament on advanced front with 5-6 games in a roll, you could win 5-6000 PFP in that single tournament. However, if you lose your first game in the tournament, you may end up playing 1 game with only 25 PFP.
    Normally you get the chance to play 2-3 tournaments a night.

  5. Sounds like I only need to win 15 battles on advanced front to get enough PFP?
    Yes, but that sounds too good to be true. First of all, your clan may not be good enough to play on the advanced front. Secondly, like I said, you don’t get to play 15 battles, you need to keep winning to get the battles, or you may end up playing two battles a night.
    Don’t worry about burning out, worry about chilling on the bench.

  6. A few tips during the battle
    If you have enough clan war or teamwork experience (Advace / Stronghold), you can skip this.
    Listen to your caller. If you are called to push, don’t hesitate.
    Focus fire. Kill first. Focus on the low hp target, this will snowball in an equal fight.
    Don’t facehug. You push through a tank, not facehugging it. This will create a little crossfire
    for you and your teammate.
    Pen your shots.

  7. How should I spend my PFP after the campaign?
    Usually two weeks after campaign ends, you could spend you PFP on the tank and other rewards.
    For exmample, you have 15000 PFP, and the 2200th(the cutoff) player on the alley of fame has 12000 PFP. The cost of the reward tank would then be 12000 PFP + 4000 bonds. The remaining balance of your PFP after exchanging would be 3000 PFP.
    Don’t spend the PFP before getting the tank! Always exchange the tank first then select other rewards.
    Last campaign, I used this website to decide what rewards shall I get. I’ll update this if new version comes up but you could still use it as a reference. The costs of most rewards stay the same in every campaign.

  8. Enjoy the game and have fun!

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You can leave your questions or advice and I’ll add them accordingly.


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