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The Chimera is a Good Tank (A Guide)

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So, a few days ago a friend of mine opened 16 mystery crates on my account and got the Chimera. I have to say, for the 5000 gold spent the tank is extremely good. It's mobility isn't that bad, it's actually decent, it has armor that can force other mediums and lights to shoot prammo at you, and it can even trade with the 122mm guns of heavies. The 218 standard pen definitely doesn't hurt, and being able to use reactive armor as a consumable can help negate the power of high DPM tanks against you for a short period of time. It's definitely my new favorite tank at tier 8, just passing the Emil.

That being said, I've decided to (with my limited knowledge of the game) write a guide on this tank, despite the fact that it's already played very well by most players and the people who probably need the guide the most are F2P players who can't actually obtain this tank. For all I know, I could be feeding you guys with bad information, so feel free to critique and take everything I say here on out with a grain of salt. Or for all I know I do know what I'm talking about, feel free to check out my stats (IGN is AZNCookieTheif – yes, I know thief is misspelled, the correct spelling version was already taken).

Note: please don't buy the mystery crates, they are way too risky. I got incredibly lucky this time.

A Guide to the Chimera


First, to equip the Chimera I use the following equipment:

Row 1: Rammer, Improved Modules, Optics

Row 2: Enhanced GLD, Enhanced Armor, Engine Accelerator

Row 3: Vert Stabs, Either one, Either one – (last 2 are dependent on consumable loadout)


Double food, super fuel. Sandbags can work, but trading off all of your stats or a substantial part of mobility isn't recommended in my opinion.

Concerning the rammer, you can make a case for using calibrated (to improve the poor premium pen), but with the fact that the Chimera does not get HEAT for premium, using calibrated isn't as effective as most would like. I think boosting your already poor DPM marginally is a better bet in this case. Improved modules is a must, as this tank can really pick up speed and, combined with its weight of 56 tons, can really hurt opponents in a ram. You could probably swap out Enhanced Armor for Improved Assembly, although I didn't really notice a difference between the two. I appeared to get more bounces with Enhanced Armor, but that could just be the Placebo Effect talking. On the third row, the last two equipment slots are dependent on what consumables you take with the tank, and in turn dependent on your playstyle.

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– Decent, not-completely useless armor

– Great gun depression

– Good mobility

– High alpha

– Good penetration values (at least for standard)

– Great accuracy for a 127mm gun


– Your turret is a box.

– Your sides and rear are like a box.

– This tank looks like a box on top of a box.

– Less-than-phenomenal premium pen

– Long reload


When you enter a battle, read the enemy lineup. At the bare minimum, try to take note of which tanks can pen your turret without loading prammo (i.e. all t8 heavies and some t7 ones aswell). This is important as you will need to know if you can play aggressive or if you have to play a bit more passive. If most of the enemy tanks can't pen your turret reliably, you are clear to take up aggressive medium positions, albeit be careful of overextending. With your high alpha, you can peekaboo opponents and trade shots. Don't think this tank has the armor or gun to sit out in the open and farm enemies, though. Your DPM is worse than pretty much every other medium, so against other mediums trading shot-for-shot is almost always the best option. Against heavy tanks, your 440 alpha means you can sometimes come out on top in a trade, but given that heavies generally have better armor they will sometimes bounce your shot, essentially making you trade 0 HP for 400 of your HP.

In a city environment, sidescraping is king. Sidescrape, wait for the enemy to bounce or waste a shot into your tracks, pull out, fire, and repeat. The fact that the Chimera is very wide does make this task a tad bit difficult, so sometimes just not exposing and pulling out while your opponents are distracted is a better option.

In a more hilly situation, going hull-down is only allowed if 1. the tanks that can shoot you have less than 200 standard pen and 2. the tanks shooting you are not firing premium rounds. 203mm of turret armor seems godly, but when the turret is the shape of a lego, you're not going to get a lot of bounces, even if you're using all of your gun depression. It's better to play it safe and do peekaboo shots. Pop your turret over the ridge, fire, fall back.

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Now here is where the consumables come into play. If you're running anything less than 2 "duration-based" consumables, then a consumable delivery system is recommended. However, if you (like me) are running two duration-based consumables (i.e Adrenaline, Engine Power Boost, Reticle Calibration, and Reactive Armor), then running Enhanced Consumables is a must. The reactive armor can be a battle winner, as it reduces the damage you take from non-HE rounds by 20%. Reactive Armor along with Adrenaline can allow you to be aggressive against other mediums that have good pen, as you're both increasing your own DPM and lowering theirs for 20 seconds, enough time for you to shoot them twice, dealing 880 dmg. Reticle Calibration is possibly one of the most broken consumables for this tank, at least if you're sniping (not recommended as your teammates won't be happy if you're at the back, farming). Reticle Calibration allows you to snipe weakspots and snapshot, even with a gun that is bigger than the t8 IS series of tanks.


This part will also double as a discussion of the weaknesses of the Chimera. First, and foremost, the DPM. With a base DPM of only 1800, this tank can easily get taken out if it gets rushed. If you see a Chimera isolated, and you have HP and DPM, rush it. As long as you pen all your shots, which isn't necessarily hard if you aim well, you will out-dpm the Chimera, and survive the battle. Beware of Chimeras running Reactive Armor, as this can cut down your effective dpm just enough for them to escape, kill you, or hold off until their teammates arrive. As the Chimera is good a trading, don't let it trade. Every time it shoots you, you shoot it twice in return, or even 3 times if you can. This tank isn't the fastest of mediums, but it certainly isn't extremely slow, so if you need to run away or fall back from an attacking Chimera, don't wait until he's pushing around the corner you were hiding at to do so if you're in anything but a fast light.

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If you have good pen on your gun, you can definitely brawl a Chimera, although this is not recommended. The flat turret will mean you can always pen them if you have 210mm of pen or more, and the lower plate is always a weakspot.

If you're in a heavy with strong armor, like the Tiger 2, the Chimera poses less of a threat as long as you face your armor to them and make your weakspots hard or impossible to hit, as the Chimera's less-than-phenomenal APCR pen of 260 or so can struggle. You also have more HP, so if you're in a 1v1 brawl you will often come out on top just purely because you started out with more HP.

Well, that was my guide for the Chimera, and my first guide to boot. Thanks for reading this mess of text, and please let me know what you think. For all I know, one of you reading has some god-tier secrets about this tank you can share.


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